The second round of the summer of grace for borrowers begins. It will last until the end of November

In the Czech Republic, the second round of the so-called summer of grace for borrowers begins on Thursday, which will last until the end of November. People will be able to get rid of debt enforcement with public institutions more easily. If they pay the original amount owed, or principal, and 1,815 crowns to the executor, interest, penalties and other payments will be waived and the enforcement proceedings will end. The action only applies to foreclosures that began before October 28 last year. Not for bankrupt people. Detailed information about the conditions and procedure can be found on the website

On Thursday, the second round of the summer of grace event for those who have debt with public institutions begins. illustrative photo

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The first round of the summer of grace took place from October 28 last year to January 28 this year. Tens of thousands of borrowers have used it. Even in the second round, it is possible to get rid of debts with municipalities, authorities, state funds, schools, municipal or state and semi-state companies, health insurance companies, Czech Radio or Czech Television.

The debtor must inform the executor in writing that he requests the initiation of the procedure under the rules of the grace period. He can ask for a calculation of the amount of the original debt that he still has to pay. The executor must respond within 15 days. By how many days, if any, the deadline is exceeded, the debtor’s repayment time will be extended by that much. The executor’s remuneration will rise from 908 to 1815 crowns against the previous grace period. The Ministries of Labor and Justice have already stated that it will then also be explicitly determined what the execution costs belong to the executor.

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Information can be obtained on the line of the organization People in Need with the number 770 600 800 on working days from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The address [email protected] is also available. Other organizations also offer help, such as Charita CR and its seven dozen counseling centers.

According to spokeswoman Viktoria Plívová, 190,000 clients who owe over 11 billion crowns in insurance premiums could use the grace period at the General Health Insurance Company (VZP). Another 14 billion represent penalties, which can then be forgiven. At the address, interested parties can find, among other things, a sample application that is sent to the executor.

According to debt experts, many borrowers will not have the money to repay. The collection of the organization People in Need (ČvT) can help you get out of debt. “The goal is not to help debtors across the board and without thinking, after all, one should pay off one’s debts, but to help in cases where this is objectively not possible,” said CvT director Šimon Pánek. He mentioned, for example, single parents with children.

The organization organized a collection already in the last round of the gracious summer. Back then, donors donated almost 17 million crowns. Almost 300 people and families applied for help. 245 applicants met the stipulated conditions. Thanks to the support, thousands of foreclosures ended.

Česká spořitelna and its building savings bank are also joining the gracious summer. The amount of principal and the account to be paid can be found on the line 956 777 385. Information is available on the page The savings bank already participated in the first round, when it forgave over 90 million crowns in interest and fees to clients after paying the original debt, according to spokesman Filip Hrubé.

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