I prefer a college, not an expensive apartment. I’m looking for a student hostel, and the dog is abandoned

I prefer a college, not an expensive apartment. I’m looking for a student hostel, and the dog is abandoned
I prefer a college, not an expensive apartment. I’m looking for a student hostel, and the dog is abandoned

At the present time, Masaryk University has 31,000 students within its academic capacity. The balance of demand over supply is so high. We know that if we had a capacity of 1,000 people, we would fill it without any problems, says Brno University spokesperson Radim Sajbot.

He admits that he came to the decision after a long discussion with faculty representatives and students. Over a half of the offered hostels are the first hostels after so many years, so we announced this change with great urgency, as we added that the price of a dormitory now ranges from 83 to 200 crowns per night. Bad for quality dormitory, equipped and their location.

Sajbot added that it is a cost of between 20 and 36 crowns per day. The head of the university realizes that in the current situation, jump insurance is difficult for everyone, so in Brno do not expect insurance to the new prices in full. That would be a disaster for students. We will cover a large percentage of external costs from our reserves. We know that it will cost us at least 60 million crowns a year, to speak.

The decline in accommodation prices was only due to the pandemic

Vclav Hjek, a spokesman for Charles University (UK), claims that he only remembers the decrease in dormitories from the time of the pandemic, and before and after that, there was a huge decrease in dormitories similar to Brno.

At the moment, the capacity of the dormitory is fully occupied. Due to the increase in the dormitory rent on July 1 of this year, an average of nine percent, which means that the prices in the general room now range from 3,500 to 6,665 crowns per year per month. UK has a total of 10,962 LKs.

They also had to attend the VB Technical University of Ostrava to win prizes for their college education. Petra Halkov explains that the earthquake did not affect all the guests. The price increases by approximately 15 kroner per day, but we also preserved one building without services, where we did not provide a dormitory, k. This confirms that they have full capacity.

Just like Prague and Brno, the UK did not have a financial source, with the help of which it would be possible to easily pay the increasing costs.

Insuring the apartment, the student returned to the bikes

Living in an apartment might be more comfortable, but we would have to find more people. And finding an apartment in Prague at a good price for a student is a bit of a problem, says Jan Fitk, who is starting at the VCHT.

His friend came to the capital, so they made an agreement and will live together in high-speed dormitories. I will pay around 4.5 thousand crowns, k.

Fitko’s theory is also confirmed by the editor of the Technical College of Liberec University Iva dov. For TK, she stated that a student would take her dormitories despite the fact that they had to raise their price in January and most recently in April.

In addition, there were students in Liberec who prioritized private life before housing on campus. But they strongly betrayed what, according to the law, should be the reason for the re-examination of the dormitory room.

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