Anti-alcohol stations will be located from Pilsen to Rokycan in the future

Anti-alcohol stations will be located from Pilsen to Rokycan in the future
Anti-alcohol stations will be located from Pilsen to Rokycan in the future

The house has changed hands, and the region is preparing for the fact that the new owner will not lose the house.

The Plzeň Region will, at the present time, operate a rescue service on its land under a contract with the Rescue Service of Brda until the end of the summer year. That is why, with regard to the expiration of the contract, it is necessary to announce your new appointment to take up this service, warned Deputy Governor for Healthcare Pavel Hais from Pirt.

The expected value of the order is 23 million crowns. We are based on the prices actually paid for this service in the past 12 months, the amount has been adjusted for changes in quantities or prices that can be expected during the fifth year, specified Hais.

The selected contractor will be able to claim a maximum of 4,500 crowns from the client for the excellent service provided, i.e. as it was until now.

Ron will catch about 1600 people

Plzešk zchytka had the highest prices in the country so far. For example, Prague had a rate of roughly half. About 1,600 people are arrested in Pilsen per year. The region’s operating expenses have increased dramatically in recent years. Jet in 2016 was 2.7 million crowns per year. Now it’s ron tm ten million.

According to Deputy Governor Pavel Hais, the region has advance information that from 2025, the schytka will not be able to continue operating in the premises of the polyclinic, because it will not be possible to rent them out. Therefore, let’s look for another city where we could provide services, said Hais.

According to him, the most suitable option for now is to place the rest in the Rokycansk hospital, where, if necessary, the clients could be treated with medicine.

People under the influence of drug addicts are caught by the city police. Pilsen councilor for security Martin Zrzaveck, under whom the municipal police falls, would take the prisoners to the Rokycansk hospital. He warns that if the R Police or members of the city police bring someone to the detention center and the person is injured, the detention center staff will not accept him.

And they have to take him to a medical facility, usually a university hospital. There, the hunter has to be let out and he has to be punished for causing them to place him in the trap. Then they take him there, he describes.

He pointed out that the collection should be valid for the entire region, it has a capacity of ten drugs, and during the limited period due to the covid-19 epidemic, there were only five of them. Quite often it happened that the rest room was full and the policeman or bystanders had to wait there with a touch, and a place was freed up. This bothered the police a lot, he said.

The councilor believes that for the owner of the pod, the five-year transfer to the Rokycansk hospital would mean a significant loss. We’d rather pay for the 17 kilometer journey there and back than to continue in the current state, which is really not good. If there was a catch in a medical facility and the hunter they brought there needed a wife, it would lead to revenge, he said.

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