Veden M Prague 10 lost the court to pay the tax payer

The claim that, as a German, she neglected to clean the windows became a reference. According to the forensic expert, these are the original windows and are no more than 100 years old. The reference was all the more absurd, as in 2018, under the leadership of the City Hall of M Prague 10, a contract was reached to confirm the agreements that the repair is necessary and that the VFS will provide 12 million K for the repair of the windows, which will be covered as external maintenance, and it will be extended contract until 2031. At the same time, with the previous management of the town hall, one or two other necessary investments on the Estonsk 500 building were canceled, namely the boiler room (from 1996) and the repair of the roofing walls.

Pirti and the Vlasta coalition, led by the town hall, did not respect the contract and did not provide the agreed cooperation. On the contrary, they launched a legal action to enter and clear the bicycle building. For four years, the building has been destroyed, damaged windows and facades, and there is a risk of property damage and falling and endangering people. It is obvious that the originally calculated cost of repairs has increased in the meantime. Inactivity and delays also add costs to the operation of the building in the form of huge energy costs. The boiler room in the M building in Prague 10 was leased by a private company that buys gas at the spot price, and currently it is a burden on the budget of the university, which has not received any support since.

The court confirmed that the contract is valid and that by 2031, VFS has fulfilled the conditions for the implementation of the repair and has paid K12 million, but the implementation has not been carried out due to reasons on the part of the City of Prague 10. The final judgment means that the City of Prague 10 must pay VFS an investment of K130,000 In the meantime, the university has suspended the courts on the implementation of window and roof repairs in accordance with valid contracts and the owner’s obligation. He also invites the alob at the castle code.

What this means for tax payers and residents of Prague 10 is quite obvious. Pirti and the Vlasta coalition completely wasted millions on lawyers and questionable opinions that could have served the public good. Could it have been prevented? Yes. It was only necessary to finish the negotiation of the agreement, and when there was a dispute, to sit down with the ones that the Financial and Corrective High Council had initiated many times (he did not rush).

Although our university won the court case, there is little joy. Historically, the building is the fault of the owner of the chtr. VFS can contribute to its renovation and create a dignified environment not only for students and academic workers, but also for residents of Prague 10, who used to go to this building to vote in the past. We look forward to a new leader, with whom we are ready to seek common ground.


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