The Czechia has its first national sommelier

The Czechia has its first national sommelier
The Czechia has its first national sommelier

The first National Sommelier of the Czech Republic is Klára Kollárová. The function was created by the National Wine Center, the task of the national sommelier will be to educate winemakers and help with presentations of their wines at home and abroad. The National Wine Center reported this in a press release.

“Thanks to the specific soil and climate conditions and the original approaches of our winemakers, Moravian and Czech wines are in a separate category in the wine world. And as such, both at the national and international level, they need a completely professional presentation. This was also the main reason why the position of national sommelier was created within the National Wine Center,” the center said.

In her capacity, Kollárová will work with winemakers and tasters, but also with the professional and lay public. He is preparing a series of seminars and comparative tastings. “I primarily want to work on raising the general level of perception of wine and wine culture in the Czech Republic. People should be even more informed about Moravian wines and our wines should be fun for them, which will naturally increase their demands on the quality of the wines they consume,” said Kollárová. He also wants to work on the presentation of wines from the Czech Republic to the professional public abroad and help bring foreign wine lovers to the Czech Republic.

Klára Kollárová graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Until 2022, she was the head sommelier and co-owner of Vinograf wine bars. She worked for a long time at the Michelin restaurant La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise.

Source: ČTK

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