A motorcyclist who was supposed to hit a child near Pilsen and drive away reported himself to the police

The accident happened on Sunday shortly before 4:30 p.m. on the road between Touskov and Kozolupy. According to the police, the boy ran into the motorcyclist’s path.

“The motorcycle driver apparently failed to react when a minor boy ran into his lane from the left, and a collision ensued,” said police spokeswoman Eva Červenková earlier, adding that the motorcyclist fled the scene and continued towards Kozolupy.

The boy suffered moderate injuries, with which paramedics transported him to the hospital.

Novinky reported on the accident on the same day, but the police did not yet have the security camera footage available. She released the images on Tuesday, saying she was still looking for the biker.

He then signed in himself. “He only said that it was him in the pictures. We don’t know yet how he will react to the whole thing. He will be questioned at the end of the week, because according to his words he is now abroad,” added Červenková, adding that the man spoke by phone.

Any witnesses to the accident should report to the Pilsen–Rural Traffic Inspectorate at the address Slovanská alej 26 in Pilsen or to the e-mail [email protected] “They can also give information to the emergency line 158,” added Červenková.

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