Stt marn shn oil supplier. Reserves fell below the strategic 90 days

Stt marn shn oil supplier. Reserves fell below the strategic 90 days
Stt marn shn oil supplier. Reserves fell below the strategic 90 days

First of all, how many months of stockpiles are available for oil suppliers. For example, at the end of the tender, a few hours before the expiry of the time for submitting an offer for oil storage, it received a request from one of the potential tender parties for the right of conditions.

vagr stated at the time that the rights would mean a shift in the deadline for the tender offer. However, according to him, this was not feasible at the time when the original deadline for submitting an offer was left until the end.

At first, she posted the task again in August. It wasn’t even a dream. SSHR thus canceled the 5th of the sout. Even twice, no one interfered with the order for the purchase of oil for emergency purposes. The reason is supposed to be uncertainty on the markets regarding prices and supplies, SSHR chairman Vagr commented for

Czech Republic has 87.77 days

According to him, in five days the order for approximately 52.2 million dollars, i.e. about 1.2 billion, will be re-listed. According to the contract documentation, the reserves amount to approximately 75 thousand tons of oil.

The subject of the public order is the delivery of one type of oil to the Central oil tank of the Mero company in Nelahozevs, the tender document states. The condition is that the oil can be processed in the refinery in Litvnov. So, it should be North Moscow oil, American light oil, or Saudi oil in addition to Russian oil. The second element is that the free capacity of the material reserves of oil is filled, the document states.

Vagr added that the government approved the purchase of crude oil, because in Ukraine the reserves fell below 90 days. The reason is the consumption of fuel in the second half of the year. That’s why, after the new development, the same amount of oil and oil products per day will be the same, Vagr added for

The latter rose in price so much that now it is 87.77 days. In other words, it does not comply with the EU directive again. If it would be possible to purchase oil in the quantities expected by them, we would reduce the supply shortage by about those days, Vagr added.

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