The government will introduce help with expensive energy at the beginning of next week

According to Jurečka, the ministers discussed energy related matters for a relatively long time on Wednesday.

“We have a fairly clear idea of ​​what concrete help can come from the government,” he said after the cabinet meeting.

However, he did not want to be more specific, he only specified that the aid will concern households, the public sector, i.e. hospitals, social services, schools or municipalities and regions. Jurečka also mentioned address assistance for companies.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (for STAN) also stated on Wednesday that his department is preparing a compensation program for businesses. Last week he talked about compensation for manufacturing companies that show an operating loss due to high energy prices. According to him, such a setting turned out to be insufficient. The new proposal therefore provides for compensation for companies whose profitability has fallen due to the current crisis.

The EC will propose a price ceiling for Russian gas as well as mandatory restrictions on electricity consumption


According to Síkela, European ministers should then discuss several options for solving the crisis on Friday. The Czech Republic will want to include in the negotiations, for example, the so-called Iberian model, which would separate the prices of electricity and gas on the market. Síkela also wants to open a discussion about the possibility of limiting sales of emission allowances.

The European Commission proposes to introduce a price ceiling on gas imported from Russia. In addition, the EU executive is counting on the use of unexpected profits of energy companies to help vulnerable consumers or on the mandatory limitation of electricity consumption during the busiest hours.

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