ODM 2023: Day two, another win and 3rd place before the last games of the regular season

ODM 2023: Day two, another win and 3rd place before the last games of the regular season
ODM 2023: Day two, another win and 3rd place before the last games of the regular season

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The hockey selection of the Karlovy Vary region has completed the second day of the tournament at the 2023 Children’s and Youth Olympics. In the morning match, the wards of Tomáš Mariška and Tomáš Andrys dealt with one of the favorites, the team of the Capital City of Prague. In the afternoon match against the team of the Pilsen Region, the hockey players of the Karlovy Vary Region came up empty-handed. The young hockey players will play the last two games of the basic group on Wednesday, and already in the evening we will know the teams that will advance from the basic groups to the finals.

Coach Václav Varaďa also visited the venue of the Olympic tournament, who will not only watch the ongoing tournament, but will also hold a coaching seminar Dialogues. In addition to him and the fans, national team coaches, scouts and hockey agents also watch hockey matches. Young hockey players have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and open the door to, for example, the national team.

Coach Tomáš Mariška evaluated the first two days of his charges’ fights. “On Monday, we played an even match against the team of the Moravian-Silesian region. Thanks to a good start to the second period, we turned the score from 0:2 to 3:2. By the end of the period, however, the score had turned around, and the opponent was leading by one goal. In the third period, we fought for equalizer, but at the end of the game we conceded twice and lost 6:3. We fought the next two games thanks to a very good team and selfless performance, which was supported by the performance of goalkeeper Martin Psohlavec. This kept us in the game for promotion to the knockout part of the tournament, despite Tuesday’s loss against the selection of the Pilsen region. Unfortunately, we ran into a better opponent in this match. In Wednesday’s matches, it will be decided whether we will play on Thursday as well, and I believe that all the players will do their best for that.”

Results of the Karlovy Vary hockey team at ODM 2023:

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Capital city of Prague – Karlovy Vary region 2:3 (0:1, 1:1, 1:1)
Goals and saves: 29. Pojkar (Hartman, Hess), 37. Pelikán (Cvikl, Hartman) – 3. Šedivec (Jílek, Mähler), 30. Slavík (Šedivec, Mähler), 35. Slavík (Kyncl)

Karlovy Vary Region – Pilsen Region 2:4 (1:1, 0:1, 1:2)
Goals and saves: 7. Slavík, 45. Šedivec (Nightingale) – 6. Theodore (Fiala), 23. Sokol (Pitter), 42. Popovych (Dvořák, Fodor), 44. Maxa (Tománek, Theodore)

Monday, January 23, 2023
Moravian-Silesian Region – Karlovy Vary Region 6:3 (2:1, 2:2, 2:0)
Goals and saves: 6. Řípa (Weiss), 9. Hrček, 20. Trnka (Kajzar), 28. Weiss (TS), 44. Řípa (Glos, Weiss), 45. Řehák – 14. Franc, 16. Slavík (Mähler), 16 .Kyncl (Acorn)

Ústí Region – Karlovy Vary Region 2:3 (0:1, 0:1, 2:1)
Goals and saves: 34. Kharboutli (Procházka, Heller), 43. Kváš (Novák) – 5. Mähler (Bednář), 27. Žalud, 41. Vaníček (Kyncl, Slavík)

Group B table

Order Team Score Points
1. Moravian-Silesian Region 20:6 8
2. Pilsen Region 19:8 8
3. Karlovy Vary Region 11:14 4
4. Capital City of Prague 12:11 p.m 3
5. Usti Region 10:15 a.m 2
6. South-Moravian region 6:17 a.m 2
7. Olomouc region 8:15 a.m 1

You can find a detailed schedule, results, starting lists, online broadcasts and records of the hockey tournament matches here.

Composition of individual groups:

Group A:
Hradec Králové Region, South Bohemia Region, Zlín Region, Central Bohemia Region, Pardubice Region, Vysočina Region, Liberec Region

Group B:
Moravian-Silesian Region, Capital City of Prague, South Moravian Region, Ústí Region, Pilsen Region, Olomouc Region, Karlovy Vary Region

Hockey team of the Karlovy Vary region

Martin Psohlavec (KV), Radek Novak (RIVAL).

Matej Bauer (KV), Ondřej Bednář (KV), Marek Jílek(KV), František Nešvera (KV), Lukáš Pech (KV), David Schrottenbaum (KV), Luka Kočárek (PLZ).

Adrian Benda (KV), Damian Franc (KV), Marek Kubik (KV), Jakub Kyncl (KV), Mike Mahler (KV), Matyáš Šedivec (KV), Lukáš Slavík (KV), Jonás Vaníček (KV), Adam Zolnaj (KV), Filip Zalud (KV), Dominik Skala (RIVAL).

Substitutes: Kašpar Petr (B-KV), Hanek Adam (O-KV), Krček David (Ú-KV), Suchý Josef (O/Ú-KV)

Group B hockey tournament program at ODM 2023

Monday 23 January:

9:00 Moravian-Silesian Region – Karlovy Vary Region
10:45 a.m. Capital city of Prague – Olomouc region
12:30 South Moravian Region – Pilsen Region

14:15 Ústí Region – Karlovy Vary Region
16:00 Moravian-Silesian Region – Capital Prague
17:45 Olomouc Region – South Moravian Region
19:30 Pilsen region – Ústí region

Tuesday, January 24:

9:00 a.m. Capital city of Prague – Karlovy Vary region
10:45 South Moravian Region – Moravian-Silesian Region
12:30 Ústí Region – Olomouc Region

14:45 Karlovy Vary Region – Pilsen Region
16:00 Capital Prague – South Moravian Region
17:45 Moravian-Silesian Region – Ústí Region
19:30 Olomouc Region – Pilsen Region

Wednesday 25 January:

9:00 Olomouc Region – Moravian-Silesian Region

10:45 South Moravian Region – Karlovy Vary Region
12:30 Ústí Region – Capital Prague
14:15 Moravian-Silesian Region – Pilsen Region

16:00 Karlovy Vary Region – Olomouc Region
17:45 South Moravian Region – Ústí Region
7:30 p.m. Pilsen region – Capital city of Prague


Thursday 26 January:

8:30 a.m. semi-finals A1 – B2 (Vrchlabí)
8:30 a.m. semi-finals B1 – A2 (Trutnov)
10:30 a.m. match for 5th place A3 – B3 (Vrchlabí)
12:30 match for 3rd place (Vrchlabí)
14:50 final (Vrchlabí)

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