With April 1st comes April weather

With April 1st comes April weather
With April 1st comes April weather

While on the long Easter weekend people went lightly to the city streets and nature, at the beginning of the week it will be good to reach for more tops, including umbrellas.

IN Monday daytime temperatures will reach 18 to 22 °C, in the east up to 25 °C, but it will cool down from the west during the day. Cloudiness will increase in the afternoon from the west, rain, showers and thunderstorms are also expected in places. “During the day it will be windy again, in the northeast of the territory, wind gusts can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h,” said Honsová.

IN Tuesday it will already be considerably colder, morning temperatures between 8 and 4 °C. Daily temperatures will not rise too high, 11 to 15 °C is expected. It will be cloudy to overcast, showers or rain in places, snow showers on the mountain tops.

Otherwise, it won’t even happen Wednesday, when morning temperatures will drop to 6 to 2 °C, daytime temperatures will be in the range of 12 to 16 °C. It will also be cloudy to overcast with local showers or rain and snow showers on the mountains.

In Thursday morning temperatures will be 8 to 4 °C, daytime 13 to 17 °C. It will continue to be cloudy to overcast with occasional showers or rain.

The first break will bring higher temperatures Friday. It will be cloudy to partly sunny, and although morning temperatures will still be in the 8 to 4°C range, they will rise to 18 to 22°C during the day.

Saturday it will be warm and sunny. It will be partly cloudy, morning temperatures 12 to 8 °C, daytime temperatures between 21 and 25 °C.

IN sunday the clouds will arrive again. It will be cloudy to partly cloudy, cloudy during the day and rain, showers and rare thunderstorms in places. We measure 13 to 9 °C in the morning, daytime temperatures from 16 to 20 °C.

PHOTO: Warm weather in Prague


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