REVIEW: Lie on the beach, nothing new under the Adriatic sun


The story takes place in a hotel on the Croatian coast, where three young guys are hiding under different names, who hacked the public procurement system, came to see the misconduct of a member of the government, and he goes after them. But they are not bored at the hotel, because there are three young girls working there who immediately catch their eye.

The title Lying on the Beach hides a playful ambiguity. Thanks to commercial television and their series, viewers will go to Croatia for the third time before the summer season. First Prima rocked them On the waves of the Adriatic, then came Nova with the Hvar Police and now again Prima with a hotel on the Croatian coast.

This year’s holidays in the most popular destination for Czech tourists have become a little more expensive, so the question arises as to whether this is a bit of hidden advertising through the television screens.

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However, the previous titles were very fond of romantic settings, the new series mostly takes place in a hotel with a Czech owner and sector furniture and in its immediate surroundings.

Prima herself describes the series as relaxing. But it is a question of what commercial television considers comfortable and how much it wants to pamper its viewers with jokes and humor. There is no shortage of jokes in it, but not all of them are good.

Right at the beginning of the first part, for example, a Czech family appears in the hotel with the necessary steak in hand and at the reception. The married couple of other vacationers are constantly complaining.

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Director Moravec and actress Sandra Nováková, who wrote the script and based it on Lenka Hornová’s theme, apparently tried to embody in it all the popular stereotypes of annoying Czech tourists, whose complaints have been entertaining the public for years.

Young couples are bothered by the sun shining a lot, the toilet seat being too cold, or the fact that the hot water in the shower does not flow immediately after turning on the faucet.

Actress Sandra Nováková wrote the role of the pampered and necessarily attractive wife of the hotel owner with a glass in her hand, for whom even signing papers seems like hard work. She plays her more believably than the would-be femme fatale investigator Sandra in the series Under the Surface.


Photo: TV Prima

Sandra Nováková with Martin Trnavský

Her series husband, an elegant boss who knows how to handle everything, even if it’s not always kosher, is Martin Trnavský.

Radek Melša, Daniel Kadlec and Filip Červenka play the trio of young boys. And yes, on screen they really are those young guys who have good and crazy ideas, if only the writers did not force a collective chanting shout on them hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo every time they succeed.

They are seconded by Rozálie and Josefína Prachařová and Sofie Höppnerová in the roles of the three young ladies.

The new series won’t offend, but it won’t bring anything new either. Rather, it rides on the wave of proven primal series. In addition, it raises the question of what age category it is actually for and who it is trying to entertain with its rather simple humor.

Lie on the beach, TV Prima, 8 episodes
Directed by: Vojtěch Moravec
Story: Lenka Hornová, screenplay: Vojtěch Moravec, Sandra Nováková
Starring: Sandra Nováková, Martin Trnavský, Radek Melša, Libor Matouš, Daniel Kadlec, Filip Červenka, Rozálie Prachařová, Josefína Prachařová, Sofie Höppnerová and others
Rating: 45%

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