Over twenty people died in a fire at a night club in Istanbul


According to local press, the fire started around 12:00 CET in the Beşiktaş district in the European part of Istanbul. According to witnesses, the fire broke out in the basement of the building where the night club is located. It was undergoing renovation during the fasting month of Ramadan. However, thick smoke hit the upper floors of the residential building.

In the past hours, the death toll grew. Previous information said that 15 people had died. “Another eight were injured, seven of whom are in serious condition,” the Istanbul governor’s office said in a statement. The government portal Daily Sabah writes about 29 dead.

Rescuers, firefighters and police are still on the scene. According to the press, the fire was extinguished. According to AP, Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunç said five people were detained for police questioning. Among them are the owner of a night club or the manager of construction works.

The fire occurred at the corner of Gönenoğlu and Gayrettepe Yıldız Posta streets in Beşiktaş:

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