Fico and Danko publicly supported Pellegrini for the first time


The leaders of the governing parties called on voters to come to the polls on Saturday. According to Fico, the election of the president will significantly affect the political scene in Slovakia and Slovak foreign policy.

He accused Pellegrini’s opponent, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Korčok, of creating a second power center in the Presidential Palace in the event of his victory.

According to the website, Danko described Pellegrini as a charismatic person.

Difference within statistical error. In Slovakia, they published the first survey before the second round of elections


At the same time, the president of the SNS originally ran for the head of state himself, only to withdraw from the first round of the elections and express his support for the former president of the Supreme Court, Štefan Harabin, who ended up in third place and did not advance to the second round.

Coalition leaders described Korčok as “evil, an anti-Slovak candidate and a man who serves foreign interests.”

“I sincerely believe that on Saturday you will defeat the evil that Korčok represents,” said the chairman of the SNS to Pellegrini.

“What unites us today is a hard fight with liberal politics,” added Danko. According to the coalition leaders, the head of state must primarily fight for Slovak national-state interests.

According to public opinion polls, the result of Saturday’s second round of the presidential election will be very close, and it is not yet clear which of the two candidates will take the presidential seat.

The survey attributes the victory to Korčok by 3.4 percent


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