He denied the identity of the five women at Feri’s request, but he was threatened with ten years in prison

He denied the identity of the five women at Feri’s request, but he was threatened with ten years in prison
He denied the identity of the five women at Feri’s request, but he was threatened with ten years in prison

The server Aktuln.cz reported it with a link to the speech of Alee Cimbalu, a Polish singer.

When the police accused the deputy Feri of rape during the arrest, they immediately got down to the beast, even though the case of the five young women did not amount to a criminal act. They also accepted this decision and allowed the police to continue in the office.

However, as the server has now reported, the supervisor’s lawyer Petra Givnov obscured the facts.

She decided to obscure the fate as non-water. In the case, it was not possible to bring the full objective and subjective aspects of the criminal act. The head of the police body examined the decision of the police body to postpone the case and the procedure the day before, with the above result, said the spokesman of the prosecutor Ale Cimbala.

The minor question is now to turn to the Prague municipal council to review the decision. Otherwise, it is valid.

Feri was then accused of raping and attempting to rape him in the case of three girls, one of whom could have been at the age of just seventeen. If found guilty, he faces up to ten years in prison.

Feri denies guilt

At first the ambassador refused. In February, when the police charged Feri, he stated on his Instagram that he would clear his name. After nine months of fighting, there was a shift. I will prove my innocence as I have so far in all other cases in this matter. I hope that soon I will be able to communicate as two of you, the former MP wrote at the time. For Denk N, he added at the time that he was against fraud.

However, it was not completed and at the end of April, the City Council of the State Representative Office in Prague swept it away.

In May, Feri inflicted a stab wound on his back and legs, for which he had to be hospitalized. According to Aktuln.cz, however, this incident did not change the approach of the police to the prison.

Feri was accused of sexually assaulting several female students at house parties in the past. Last year in May, the media reported the testimony of a man who accused the MP of being drunk and the dog forced him to have sexual intercourse after verbally disapproving.

He climbed into the shower with me and began to insist on sex. He pressed me. I couldn’t leave because he blocked my way. Pod kept repeating to me that it would only be a little, that it would only be for a while and that he was not interested in my refusal at all, one of the two Markta students who was raped described the story.

Ex-MP Feri suffered a stab wound. He should have attempted suicide

In a public statement, the ambassador admitted that he had behaved inappropriately, inappropriately and ungentlemanly at some moments in his life. Accused of sexually assaulting anyone, he categorically denied it.

It is not because of my sense of humiliation and personal failure that I look back on situations where I behaved inappropriately. I am sorry for all such failures and apologize for them, he wrote in his letter published in May. He subsequently resigned from the post of deputy due to the scandal.

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