Save is dead. What will brave Slovakia show at the world championship?

Save is dead. What will brave Slovakia show at the world championship?
Save is dead. What will brave Slovakia show at the world championship?

Tebae with hockey Olomouc, where he was a branch of coach Jan Tomajko, was eliminated in the first round of the playoff with Liberec, Robert Petrovick did not complete his long training. Only a week off and I will again fulfill my duties with the Slovakian national team as an assistant to the renowned coach Craig Ramsay. The World Championship starts in a month. ampiont in esk is very popular. We are expecting a great tournament, the former world champion and three-time Olympic Games participant in Z volje.

I’m a big fan of the championship game. Prague and Ostrava sides lkaj. If rd gets into the dark, he acknowledges. And that, including the foreign national team in the Russian KHL, is like propaganda against Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia. In Slovakia, it is a great political darkness and the decision about whether or not Ramsay has to deal with them will be made soon. Don’t talk about it. It will be decided in the next day. I wouldn’t comment on that. There are things we are against, Petrovic nodded cautiously.

With the star Slafkovska. They asked about Konrd

Pot with the main offensive star of Slovak hockey, Juraj Slafkovskho, if he does not advance to the Stanley Cup with Montreal. I had him in my twenties, where I chose him as a young guy. The first time I saw him was when he was standing next to me. I was shocked at how big and strong he is. It has all the prerequisites to be a very high-quality game, Petrovick has no doubt. In addition, he pointed to the ampion and the Olympiad. It’s not easy in Montreal, it takes time, you won’t get used to it, but you’ll get started. Pome n. He has excellent physical parameters, he is still a tank with two hundred starts in the NHL.

As a surprise, he also met Ramsay there. He appreciates working with the 70-year-old expert. Hockey’s practice with Mr. Ramsay is unpleasant. How patient he is to explain things. Mm tst, he thinks to himself, to be there and meet such a hunter. It is open. We will be happy to share our knowledge.

How to style once? Damn, skate. Prefer to play with good movement. Rd k, e security is death. Save is dead. So the armor is peit. We must always play, be active, skate, attack for ten minutes, summarizes Petrovick.

In the nomination, we would also like to see Olomouc goalkeeper Branislav Konrd, who, due to health problems, gave his place in the national team to another. I spoke with him, he is an intern, but I think he is 100% determined not to go to the championship, regrets Petrovick. Brao had a very good season, he worked hard for us. In Olomouc, it will always be dark with him.

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