After months in the Sparta base. I have experienced worse situations, says Mejdr


Sparta bought Mejdro in the summer of 2022, sending approximately 13 million CZK to Hradec Králové for him. So he started with coach Brian Prisk. He was given space under the Danish coach, during the last season he alternated with Tomáš Wiesner. But it was likely that Sparta would bring reinforcements to his post.

Mejdr started the current season with solid minutes, for example he played a very good match in the preliminary round of the Champions League in Copenhagen. But then an injury slowed him down, Sparta bought the Ecuadorian Angelo Preciado at the beginning of September and Mejdro became the number three choice. Before Sunday’s game, the 28-year-old graduate of the Strahov academy last played in the league on August 19 in Teplice. Then only the MOL Cup in Líšno and at Bohemians, possibly substitutions at the end and duels in the second league reserve.

But before Budějovice, the situation changed. Wiesner and Preciado stood for cards. “I played well, I was looking forward to it. I suspected that I would board, I had enough time to prepare. The guys, including the implementation team, helped me a lot,” said Mejdr for the club’s website.

“He’s in Sparta and he’s there to be ready if a similar situation arises. If Mejdr remained on the bench, it would be a signal for him that he is not counted on. And I think he is not in such a situation,” experienced coach Vlastimil Palička estimated for before the match.

Mejdr really started, played the whole 90 minutes and had, among other things, several positive moments. “He gave everything to the match and added an assist. It was easy to tell him he was going to play. Yes, the season is difficult for him. We’ve had a few conversations over the last few months, but they’ve always been nice and full of mutual respect. He gives everything he can in training,” praised Priske.

“The coach told me to play it cool, not to think anything backwards. The long break is obvious and I didn’t even expect the player of the match award,” he revealed in an emotional interview for O2 TV. “It’s very difficult when you don’t play, but I made a decision for this half of the season. Everyone believes in me and supports me, it’s nice to feel that I have someone behind me,” he indicated that in the past months, he and the club were looking for opportunities to increase their workload.

In the end, he stayed, and although it is not at all clear how many more times he will start before the end of the season, he can be satisfied with his performance in Budějovice. Not only thanks to the assist on Veljko Birmančevič’s shot, when Mejdr won the key battle on the sideline.

“I wanted to get the ball back and hit it on the back. But I’m glad Burma blew it. The pressure that I might be putting on myself unnecessarily fell off me. I’m happy for the assist and the most important thing is the win. It’s nice when guys praise you in training, even if they may not realize it, then you play better, you start to believe in yourself,” described Mejdr.

“A very intelligent boy and active outside of football, he does projects for children and young people. The criticism that comes at him from people outside of football sometimes seems undeserved to me. Every player has some limits. You’ve ruined your career. Who would have thought a few seasons ago, when he was in Sokolov, that he would be playing for Sparta in a match in Copenhagen,” emphasized Zdeněk Folprecht, an expert and former football player, in the O2 TV studio.

“The interview showed his character. Incredible humility. One match doesn’t mean he made it into the starting lineup. But it’s great how he approaches the situation. It was wonderful to listen to Mejdro,” added coach Zdeněk Ščasný.


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