MADE IN ENGLAND: I was disappointed by the clash between City and Arsenal. Coufal had a tough match


“The match between Manchester City and Arsenal disappointed me. I expected that it could be an advertisement for the Premier League, that it could be played offensively and that a lot of goals could be scored. Both teams are offensively tuned, but it was felt that it was a lot.

Both teams were tied, they didn’t want to lose, there weren’t many chances, and a goalless draw is ultimately logical and fair. It was not enough to win the league. (clip of the match here).

City usually want to dominate at home, they rely on their own strength, but it was clear that they don’t want to lose. I was a little surprised, they have to evaluate it themselves, but they probably didn’t want to risk their loss increasing. City are three points behind Liverpool and two behind Arsenal. Now they have to rely on the fact that both opponents will lose somewhere.

This result was the most recorded by Liverpool, who beat Brighton. He was losing 0:1, turned the result around and finally won 2:1. I think that the Reds could have scored at least six goals against the opponents. Even though they were losing, I had no doubt that they would win. In my opinion, it was just a matter of how many goals they put up.

Liverpool had plenty of chances, Mohamed Salah led the offensive, Luis Díaz and Alexis Mac Allister supported him very well. It is clear from the entire team that they want to give the outgoing coach Jürgen Klopp the best possible farewell to Liverpool.

Liverpool are leading, in the best position. However, all three main aspirants for the title still have nine games to go. The game is full of points. It’s hard to say if anyone has the easiest lot. Optically maybe City, but no game is easy in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola’s team goes to Crystal Palace, Tottenham, Brighton, Nottingham or Fulham for example, all these away games will be very difficult.

I think everything is completely open and anyone can get the title. Details or even the order of matches will decide. Teams can be influenced by who will play first or last, if they will react to their opponents winning, and other circumstances. The pressure will be on everyone. I’m curious to see how everyone deals with this. I’m really looking forward to it and I think that this kind of season is great for the fans as well.

West Ham lost 3-4 at Newcastle despite leading 3-1 in the second half. For the Hammers, for which both Czech boys Vláďa Coufal and Tomáš Souček played, it is a big disappointment. Given the quality of the match played like this, they should reach three points. On the other hand, I have to say goodbye to Newcastle, who kept pushing and managed to turn the game around. He’s still missing a lot of players, but he’s stepped up amazingly. (clip of the match here).


Vláďa Coufal experienced a difficult match. First, he was guilty of a penalty, in the second half he had problems with Harvey Barnes and did not deal with him when the goal was tied at 3:3. It’s not easy for defenders to defend fighters like Barnes or Alexander Isak. They are great.

I know there was a bit of debate about both penalties for Newcastle. Both were clear to me. Anthony Gordon showed smarts in both situations, but also speed. He was on the ball before Cuf and Kalvin Phillips, who then fouled him. I was a defender myself and in these situations defenders have to be more careful.

West Ham regrets this loss, they will certainly analyze the match, but it will not affect it. He already plays Tottenham in the week and the players will certainly be well prepared and set up correctly.”


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