Mejdra was moved by his return to Sparta’s lineup. It’s wonderful to feel the support from everyone, he said


He was beaming with happiness. Not to mention, Jan Mejdr (28) appeared in Sparta’s starting line-up in a competitive match for the first time since November last year. And he immediately scored an assist on the winning shot by Veljko Birmančevič (26). “It’s a shame we didn’t add the second goal. It would have been calmer. But the most important thing is that we managed it.” the full-back of Letenské was happy.

You could tell how he was enjoying Sparta’s win. As well as the fact that he could be right on the field with her. The road to three points was not easy, but the football players in red jerseys achieved them. “We knew it wouldn’t be easy. After the international break, there wasn’t that much time to train together,” remarked the Major. “The field was also not sprinkled, which are not ideal conditions for our style of football,” he added.

A huge plus from Letenský’s point of view was that they scored quickly. “It’s a shame that we didn’t add the second goal, we would have calmed down more, it was so nervous. But Budějovice didn’t develop anything, Kuchtič had a chance to add the second goal. We would have finished it more calmly that way.” Mejdr thought.

Jan Mejdr’s post-match interview for O2 TV Sport

Even though he was absent from Sparta’s starting line-up for a long time, he held his own on Strelecky Island. “The coach told me not to think anything backwards. I’m glad we managed it,” unloaded into the cameras of O2 TV. “I played well, I was really looking forward to it. The cabin and the production team supported me, it’s nice to feel that you have someone behind you.” he confided.

The period when he did not get on the pitch is difficult for any player. “It’s hard on the psyche. But I decided to fight. And anyone who knows my career knows that I’ve experienced worse situations than fighting for a place in the best team in the Czech Republic.” he smiled. “For me, the support from the guys means a lot, that I’m not alone in this. I don’t even know if they realize it, but it means a lot to me when they praise me in training, or even now in a match. When you feel support, you feel better, you start believe in yourself. And if there was a better pitch, the game would look different too. But thank you all very much,” the Sparta player claimed.

Mejdr assisted on the only goal of the match. (©Opta by Stats Perform)

He repaid the trust in the best possible way when he assisted Birmančević’s winning goal. Mejdr admitted that he originally thought he would get the ball back from a teammate and finish the action himself. “I wanted to hit the ball on the back post,” he smiled and then added: “In the end, I’m glad that he took it upon himself and burned through it. It took a lot of pressure off me that I might be putting on myself. I’m glad for the assist and the win. That’s the most important thing.”

The article was originally published for Livesport Zprávy.

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