Error in the match of the century, stop for one duel. Ironic Crude: Exemplary punishment!


The guest, immediately after the lie, which was filled with 1,573 fans in the Opava hall, praised Baloun’s decision and his leading play in the end, the main player of the period and in overtime.

Some mistakes made the decision. Even an actor who doesn’t hold that much in my hand. It’s a terrible code, I have to go and process it somehow, because I feel that we have been robbed of life, said coach Jan Otnar.

In April, the Czech Association of Basketball Referees (ABR) addressed two controversial situations that have been going on. She recognized one bird, but not the other.

She stood up for the court in the event of a foul by Lamb Autrey, who four seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, with the score 72:69 for the guests, attacked Jakub iina on a three-pointer attempt. If it goes sideways and makes illegal contact on the base of the game, stand in the penalty area. Twenty-point home hero Iina converted all those free throws and sent it back to overtime.

Here is the first example. 4 seconds before the end, a foul was whistled for those points when Mr. Baloun could not see anything in his position. From the coach’s point of view and mine, it was clear to see that Autrey only blocked the bed and then jumped into it…


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