Sigma is not doing well. The atmosphere around the club thickens. The fans are asking for their heads, and the management is asking for peace of mind


“It’s a mafia connected to the city. And what pisses me off the most is that you don’t want to explain this to your son who wants to go to Sigma. It annoys me inside, but sometimes I go there with him,” David Punchi Punchochář, for example, wrote on the Ultras Sigma Facebook page. “Until the entire management resigns, a 100% boycott of the club, let them do it themselves. The carp obviously won’t drain the pond,” writes Radim Picek in one of the comments on the club’s official Facebook page. “The only thing Sigma’s current management should do to calm down is to leave,” Miroslav Nosek added his point of view.

Fans called on the club boss to resign even during Saturday’s duel between Hanák and Pardubice, which they lost 0:2. “You won’t shut us up by inviting us for a beer. Step down,” read one of the banners in the “Sigmas” cauldron. There was also a loud chant of “Minář ven” coming from there. An edited photo of Sigma’s sports director Ladislav Minář was also on the posters with which someone pasted the Andrův Stadium in Olomouc the week before last and scattered them around the area. They say, for example: “Seriously enough is enough.” Pigs in charge, give up command.” They have now been removed. At Sigma’s initiative, the police are also looking into the matter.

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The week before last, someone plastered Andrův Stadium in Olomouc.

“Of course, nobody in the club is happy with what is happening. Fans can be angry at the sporting performance of our players. It is not doing well at the moment, so the criticism is not surprising, it is justified. But Mr. Blaťák came with a bundle of lies and gossip. Moreover, it refers to a time long past. Everything was always transparently explained. Nothing extraordinary has happened or is happening at the club from a financial point of view. It is an artificial, purposeful affair that damages him, even in view of the ongoing negotiations with a partner who is interested in the club. We are now finding out who is behind it, and we are preparing a criminal complaint against Mr. Blaťák,” the chairman of the club’s board of directors, Petr Konečný, told on Tuesday, who responded comprehensively to all the accusations made by the journalist on the club’s official website. The same, and in a similar spirit, was also done by the chairman of the supervisory board, ODS representative from Olomouc, Martin Major.

The committee of the majority shareholder of the association SK Olomouc Sigma MŽ also issued an opinion on this case. In it, he also described Blaťák’s information and statements as untrue and factually unfounded and urged the public not to believe the false attacks on the club. “We support all members of the current board of directors of SK Sigma Olomouc, as, in their functions and ask them not to be discouraged by this disgusting, one-sided campaign!” it also reads.

“Nobody likes chanting, that’s for sure. It does not benefit anyone in the current situation, when we are not doing well in sports. Fans are entitled to their opinion. The committee of the association expressed its support to the entire board at this time, our goal now is to calm the situation so that we can finish the season successfully. We still have a lot to play for,” Minář told

According to the president of the association Jakub Beneš, in the event that some things could not be explained in writing, a personal meeting with the fans is in order. “It is an option that is definitely in play. We are discussing all possibilities,” he said.

“None of us intends to resign in this context. It would be nonsense even with regard to negotiations on the possible entry of an investor into the club. However, if he were to come, it will be entirely up to him which people he chooses to work with. We would definitely not be an obstacle in this direction,” Konečný pointed out. “Negotiations, or exchange of information, are still ongoing. We say that openly all the time. We expect further progress in the coming weeks,” Beneš added without further details.

According to Robert Runták, who was co-owner of the club between 2009 and 2012, a change in the ownership structure is inevitable. “She has been unhappy for a long time. In addition, the city is leaving the club and the association, which has a significant majority, is not able to ensure its operation alone,” he explains, adding that the atmosphere in the club has also been extremely negative since the bribery affair that affected it thirteen years ago. “The public has stopped believing in leadership. Trust in the people there is gone. That’s why, even if Sigma plays well, not many people go to it. And I fear it will get worse. That is also why change is necessary,” he emphasized.


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