Evaluation of selected situations in the 26th round of F:L

Evaluation of selected situations in the 26th round of F:L
Evaluation of selected situations in the 26th round of F:L


According to the Communication Manual approved before the 2023/2024 season, the KR FAČR comments on four situations selected by the media.

FC Hradec Králové – MFK Karviná

  • INE 48. minute game referee based VAR intervention correctly sent off visiting team player #99 for foul play. A player of the away team with a sole from behind he stepped on the calf of home team player No. 11.

1. FC Slovácko – SK Slavia Prague

  • IN 52. minute of the match referee based on VAR intervention correctly awarded a penalty kick to the visiting team for tripping the opponent. Home team goalkeeper No. 29 my own tripped the player of the visiting team No. 6 with his left foot.

FC Viktoria Plzeň – FC Slovan Liberec

  • INE 46. minute game referee he did not correctly award a penalty kick to the home team. In the penalty area, there was a fight between the player of the visiting team No. 25 and the player of the home team No. 11. It was not a foul.

FK Mladá Boleslav – FC Zlín

  • IN 91. minute uweaving referee correctly recognized the visiting team’s goal. The situation was preceded by a fight between the players of both teams to the center of the playing field. Home team player #14 tries to play the ballem slipped under the feet of the visiting team’s player No. 36. The visiting team’s player se visibly tried to avoid the opponent and at the same time he innocently stepped on a home team player. It was not a misdemeanor.

Apart from the above-mentioned situations of KR FAČR evaluated the performances of the referees in all the matches played of past 26. wheels F:L and 20.rounds F:NL.

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