GLOSSARY: New era. Changes on the switcher trump transfers of stars. Waiting to see who will trigger the dominoes


In the transfer market, just like in physics, the law of action and reaction applies. The national team goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík talked about it a few times.

The fact that Sevilla let Sergio Rico into the English Premier League contributed to his dream engagement in the Spanish La Liga. Instead of Vaclík, Basel took Jonas Omlin from Lucerne, who was looking for a replacement in another provincial Swiss club anyway.

Vaclík was part of a larger chain six years ago. When the transfers are layered, there is a domino effect that the coaching industry is now looking at.

Three coaching positions are becoming available at lucrative addresses.

An exhausted Jürgen Klopp will leave Liverpool after nine years. Disappointing results will force Thomas Tuchel to an early end in Bayern Munich. The sultry mood caused the legendary Xavi to clear the Barcelona substitute.

Everything has been known for several weeks. But the dominoes are still standing. It’s a procrastination, who gets to the first die.

The Athletic claim that Barcelona are trying to persuade Xavi to stay. Barca have not lost since announcing his planned departure in January.

Xabi Alonso, another major figure for the intended rosters, announced last week that he would not be taking part. The most sought-after coach of the moment wants to continue at Leverkusen next season as well, and the Spanish website Relevo speculates that he could wait until the summer of 2025 for a change, when he would replace Carlo Ancelloti at Real Madrid.

At the same time, Alonso was the most disputed adept for both Liverpool and Bayern Munich, and he also played as a midfielder for both big clubs. Instead, Liverpool must look to, for example, Robert De Zerbi, under whose command English Brighton earned the biggest package in history (over 122 million pounds) last season.

Bayern, in turn, began courting Julian Nagelsmann, whether he would exchange the German national team for an office in Munich after the Euros. And Barcelona? For Xavi, he can easily have Ruben Amorim from Sporting Lisbon in the reserve, the BBC also mentions it.

More and more coaching names are added as well as guaranteed behind-the-scenes news. Far more teams will certainly be involved in extensive coaching changes. And don’t forget that the owners of clubs such as Manchester United, Newcastle or even AC Milan are definitely not satisfied with the results.


For the unbiased observer, it will be nice when the whole rumble starts.

It’s just perhaps a shame that the football empire is more eager to analyze the transfers of coaches than players.

After all, the boys play Haaland, Bellingham or Salah rather than Guardiola, Klopp or Mourinho.

Even the absence of breathtaking player transfers can have a relatively logical justification.

The negative attitude of German fans to the entry of foreign investors into the Bundesliga causes it to suffer financially compared to other top competitions. But the clubs from the richest Premier League are afraid of penalties and new financial rules that prevent frantic purchases. Such Italians, on the other hand, are just introducing more favorable tax arrangements, which should attract more interesting personalities from abroad to Serie A.


Bombastic changes are probably not imminent even for the most famous footballers of today. Messi and Ronaldo finish the autumn of their careers in the warmth far from Europe. Mbappé’s transfer from PSG to Real Madrid is again considered a done deal and a big open secret.

Attention therefore now turns to the coaches. Their moves will be the hit of the summer. But don’t worry, players will also transfer. Perhaps every coach likes to bring a player he likes to his team.


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