The walk showed the combo of the week. He looks like a video game character



Author: Miroslav Obluk

Jiří Procházka in training.PHOTO: with the consent of Jiří Procházka

Arriving at his destination, he began to prepare for a monumental battle. Jiří Procházka is in Las Vegas. Here he began to prepare physically and mentally for his fifth battle among the elite. At the historic UFC 300 tournament, a duel with rival Aleksandar Rakić awaits him. It will take place in a week and a half. In his last fight, Jiří stumbled, now he leaves nothing to chance. Shortly before the fight, he adjusts the details, catches flies, practices combinations.

Jiří named his preparation before the fight clearly. “Back to the roots.” He firmly believes that this symbiosis will bring him success. It is carefully prepared. He claims to be in great shape. According to his words, Procházka experienced his best preparation, and the date of the fight suits him.

Before the fight, he went back to his roots, now he would like to get back on a winning streak, back to the top of the UFC. He adjusted everything to this end. He concentrates only on his goal, on the fight itself.

He sharpens his weapons alongside his faithful trainers, Jaroslav Hovězák and Martin Karaivanov. This iconic duo is with Jiří in the USA as well. Calm, cohesion, unity and purpose. All this decorates the expedition led by a Czech warrior.

The last few months and weeks have gone according to plan. And that’s why the team also has confidence. Healthy self-confidence. “I know I want to win. And that’s all. I know what I want, I’m going there to win and do my absolute best for it, this makes me calm, that’s why I say it was one of the best preparations,” Procházka said before leaving for the USA .

VIDEO/PHOTO: kaocko.czBack to the roots.

It is already in the center of the action, in Las Vegas. For now, he is busily preparing for his next mission, fine-tuning his form, preparing for all aspects of combat.

“Jura is a perfect moment. Good movement, good control, calmness, setting. We move on, we prepare,” Hovězák smiled a few days ago in a video on the BJP YouTube channel.

The experienced trainer watched the rampage of his charge from the front row, and now this view was offered to the fans as well. The 31-year-old fighter showed on Instagram his form and the deadly combo he is preparing for Rakic.

“Combo of the week,” Jiří wrote briefly. Elbow from one side, then from the other. Left, right, knee and elbow from a spin. The walk before the fight is decorated with speed, strength, dynamism, grace and calmness. In his presentation, the fight looks like a dance.

He seems to have his form tuned to the max. His hellish elbow is ready to punish again. “This guy fights like a character from Mortal Kombat (from a computer fighting game). Jiří is prepared perfectly, but UFC 300 is not ready for him,” fans praised the former UFC champion in the comments.

The form would be, what will the match be like?

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