Eden Women’s Derby. A new campaign also invites to the nail of the league

Eden Women’s Derby. A new campaign also invites to the nail of the league
Eden Women’s Derby. A new campaign also invites to the nail of the league

4/3/2024, Editorial Board

Fourteen rounds, no defeat and a seven-point lead at the top of the table. Slávistky dominated the basic part and are going to the superstructure with a clear goal. Confirm the form and win the 23rd league title. Come and support them too!

When, where and what? On Saturday, April 27, 2024 from 15:00, Fortuna Arena, the best women’s football in our country. And to that we will add a rich accompanying program for children and adults. Fans and sports enthusiasts. Tickets are on sale!

To support the development of women’s sports in the Czech Republic, to confirm the position of Slavia as a leader in women’s football, to show the potential of the Slavia and Spartan derby in the main stadium, to take the last step towards winning the 23rd championship title and, above all, to entertain fans of all ages not only for 90 minutes, but for the whole afternoon . Such are the goals of the derby in the 2nd round of the extension of the 1st Women’s League. As is traditional in Eden, the emphasis will be placed not only on the events on the pitch, but also off it. That is also why the invitation to the match will be seen a lot.

We will bring a more detailed match day program of the women’s derby between Slavia and Sparta in Eden in the coming days.

Derby campaign and LetUsCook creative line

Slávistka also invites fans to the derby in Eden through a campaign with the postscript LetUsCook . It refers to the support and celebration of an admirable, not only sporting, performance of an individual or a group of people. At the same time, it is a challenge to show your skills and abilities. Whether it’s football, art or even gastronomy. “For me, it’s a great message to express what we can do. On and off the field,” said midfielder Kateřina Svitková and added: “Many female players celebrate their goals or successful events with “cooking” gestures. We do it with the girls too. In the English Premier League, where I spent the last seasons, it is used a lot.”

The hashtag or even the term LetUsCook has established itself as a symbol for excellence on social networks. If someone “cooked”, it means that they managed to handle the given activity absolutely brilliantly. He won recognition for her. Which, after all, is proven by our players and the whole of Slavia, which has been “brewing” success in the field of women’s sports for quite a few years. Whether it’s a league, cup, Champions League or national team.

“This year we are attacking for the 23rd title in the history of the Slavia women’s football team, we are defending the championship double from last year and the season before last, and we are waiting for another match at the main stadium. More than a thousand people recently came to the derby in Měcholup. Our football is gaining more and more fans and I firmly believe that a lot of them will come to Eden.” said captain Diana Bartovic. “The campaign just fits us. In addition, it shows that women’s football is already a full-fledged part not only of the world of sports, but also of marketing. I appreciate that, because I believe it will help not only us, but other teams as well,” she continued defender Gabriela Šlajsová.

Slávistky is also “cooking” in this year’s league season. They haven’t lost a single game out of fourteen games in the regular season, and they have a seven-point lead over their city rivals from Sparta in the standings. They can take the last step towards the championship title in the derby on April 27, from 15:00, in the Fortuna Arena.

Come support the girls and enjoy a day full of the best soccer. Tickets are already on sale HERE.

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