Sold Out? Spartan north, the home team is preparing to march. Sigma is close to the record


Already on Sunday, the Sigma Olomouc football players will welcome the FORTUNA:LIGA leader and reigning champion Sparta Prague to Andrová Stadium. And it looks like both teams will be fueled by a sold-out stadium. The last few tickets are still on sale and Sigma is attacking the attendance record. The Spartans planned to end the season.

It was clear long in advance that the iconic north stand would be Spartan. The home club, after discussions with their own supporters and the police, left it to the away fans, who sold it out relatively quickly. And so, again for safety reasons, Sigma threw in the classic guest sector on the Karl Brückner grandstand. Even the summer one sold out. In total, there should be at least 4,521 of them at Androva Stadium.

The north tribune will be covered in red, because it was red that Sparta’s team chose as their away color. He is also preparing a choreo in the colors of the club’s tricolor – that’s why red, yellow and blue t-shirts will be sold, which the whole stand will put on at one point. The Spartans should arrive in Olomouc from Prague by train, which has a regular arrival at 12:43.

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Hell awaits the players. For this match, the home team has moved to the south stand in sectors V and W. At the moment, these two sectors are the only ones where tickets can still be purchased. On Thursday morning, there were 130 left. Tickets can be purchased at this link after entering the password: sigma.

No more tickets will go on sale, because they simply don’t exist anymore. Sigma sent the last tickets for sale on Friday. There were 450 of them and they were gone during Saturday. However, according to Deník information, an unclaimed reservation may still occasionally appear on the Ticketportál network. There are approximately 150 of them. However, if they are all paid, no more tickets will appear.

Sold out and a record

In total, over twelve thousand tickets have been sold. Andro’s stadium has a capacity of 12,451 seats. Ninety of them (besides the guest sector) could not be sold and are not normally sold due to security reasons. In total, there can be up to 12,361 spectators in the auditorium on Sunday. If that were to happen, it would be the highest attendance at Sigma Olomouc in an independent Czech league.

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According to the portal CS fotbal, the highest attendance so far is the one from the 2000/2001 season, when Sigma also hosted Sparta and 12,160 spectators found their way to the stands. 12,000 was exceeded for the Sigma match a year before, the opponent was Slavia (12,022). The interesting thing is that it didn’t work out against Sevilla either. At that time, the away sector remained empty and the official attendance at the Europa League match was 11,709. If you were interested in the highest league attendance in the last ten years, it was the one from the 2017/18 season. At that time, 11,028 spectators arrived at Stramaccioni’s Sparta. Then Sigma won 1:0 with Martin Sladký’s goal.

Home fans march

While the Spartans will be moving to the stadium from the train station, the home Ultras are also preparing to march. “We will meet at the town hall on Horní náměstí at 1 p.m. At half past one we will leave together for the stadium. We do not announce any uniform dress code. However, Sigma’s colors are blue, white and black. So act accordingly. Definitely don’t take red shirts to the sector,” they wrote on social networks.

A fan zone with attractions and competitions will be prepared for the visitors before the match, which should be expanded to include different refreshments compared to classic matches. There is also an autograph session planned for Sigma players who will not be nominated for the match.

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