Hokejov Vary m buy a million. Advice from the owner of Washington from the NHL

It is around 95 million crowns per season for the operation of the entire club. However, the change in the ownership structure is not certain. any of them must be confirmed by the city council of Karlovy Vary, which would subscribe to the ownership of 40% of the shares.

The support of the city is absolutely essential. This is not a business deal, but one of my philanthropic projects, he said at a press conference in Vary. Sm should get 50% acc.

If the transaction would be successful, the city would pay the club around 25 million crowns a year, roughly the same amount would be paid by Enkypl. The city would thus pay another ten million as payment for the acquisition of the property. The rest of the budget will be up to sponsors and partners.

The current owner, Holoubek, was one of them, and just before the summer holidays he told the beast that he was tired after ten years. U will not own the club, but wants to support it financially. He acknowledged the discussion about the sale of the license to Zlno, but added that it was not his priority (at the press conference, a pass to Vsetna was also considered as an option).

In the photo on the left is Duan enkypl, on the right is Karel Holoubek.

enkypl is not known among entrepreneurs. He founded and later sold ePojisteni.cz with his colleagues. The Pale Fire Finance group’s investment led to five companies such as Aukro and the Favi property search.

The 36-year-old entrepreneur wants to continue on the path set by Holoubek. As for the sports page of the extraleague team, it will not be necessary to wind up the start to lead the star game. And that despite the fact that Karlovy Vary has always moved in the middle of the table in recent years, five years ago they even went down.

Will it be reflected in the results, when will the child pay more? he asked after iDNES.cz’s inquiry. I know it’s not about the stars, I don’t have much effect to buy two games. We want to build on youth, because the space provided by youth is not adequate in Czech hockey. We are inspired by the academy in Salzburg. We will not deny that we want to win titles every year. The basic duty is quarterly.

Sm will speak carefully to the sports website. eclipse He also wanted to be inspired by the Washington Capitals club, because he has known its owner Leonsis personally since childhood. Enkypl sits on the board of the Groupon company, which is behind the flourishing of discount portals, and Leonsis is the chairman of that board.

We don’t know each other for long, but we have a lot of fun. The latter mentioned that he is the owner of a hockey club, and remembered how he hired Jaromr Jgr to the enkypl. Hockey and club ownership will definitely be one of the topics we will talk about together. My goal is to get a group of young hockey players to Washington for five years. So that she could see how it thorned there.

Enkypl, as a native of Moravia, knew that there are many people in Vary on Thursdays. I’ll probably be happier here, he added with a smile. And how mm vision? Sport shapes the young generation. We want to make youth hockey professional. Hockey will be played here, as it should be. day of patronage. I know that honest work is hard to come by.

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