“Conor, you have to go over me first!” defended the King of “incest” Hasbully

“Conor, you have to go over me first!” defended the King of “incest” Hasbully
“Conor, you have to go over me first!” defended the King of “incest” Hasbully

Conor McGregor, who likes to comment on the happenings around the MMA world and even more likes to hit his rivals and enemies, recently took aim at the social media star Hasbull, who pissed him off by naming his chicken after the famous Irishman. So McGregor leaned into him and promised him that if he ever met him, he would kick him very far. However, Hasbulla, who divides the fans into two large camps, obviously has interesting contacts and connections. He immediately found support with the king of the P4P ranking, who warned Conor.

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“I’d rather hit that crippled Hasbull into the goal. He’s a stinky little incest. I make it my goal to hit a three with him one day. How much would I have to pay for it if someone volleyed it” Conor McGregor started and fired sharply at the star of social networks.

Hasbulla, who looks like a child due to his disability, but is actually an adult, last met, for example, the basketball star Shaq, to ​​whom he of course gave his famous fist, or the P4P king and UFC champion Volkanovski, who smeared a chili burger on his face. so Alexander was entertained.

And it was Volkanovski that Hasbully stood up and sent a clear message to Conor, “If you want to deal with Habulla, you’ll have to go through me first. Leave my friend alone.” Of course, Volkanovski stood up for his “friend”, but he also took the chance to take a dig at Conor, whose return to the fight we still don’t know much about. However, we do know that Alexander has ambitions to move up to lightweight, where she would like to face the winner of Oliveira vs Makhachev. And it is within the framework of lightweight that he could eventually fight with Conor, which would probably be very interesting. However, the Volkanovski vs McGregor duel is still not in sight. Even so, the new king of the P4P ranking tried to prepare the ground slowly.

Conor and the odd leaked video

Of course, Conor McGregor immediately deleted the video, but once again the Internet proved invincible. Someone just saved it, so it is happily circulating on social media. Although coach John Kavanagh recently mentioned that the Irishman is returning to full training, but according to social networks it seems that Conor is enjoying his original Lamborghini boat together with his family, which is owned by only a limited number of selected individuals.

Of course, the Irishman himself did not comment on the video and instead just posted a photo on his IG profile of himself sitting happily on a boat.

Hopefully, instead of similar cases, we will soon learn more detailed information about his possible return. While Conor has recently hinted again that he is quitting, his manager Tim Simpson has confirmed that McGregor is just getting back into shape, making a movie and then jumping back into the fight. When could that be? Unfortunately, this is not yet known, but hopefully sometime during 2023.

McGregor last got going in connection with the KO of Usman

“He sleeps like a baby. But this is a crazy game. Huge congratulations to Leon and Paradigm Sports on another champion. Hahahahaha. Usman will wake up thinking he is from Pluto. Marty the ‘green shorts’ from Pluto. It was incredible to watch something like that. Leon is a dedicated and comprehensive MMA fighter. Only the second UFC champion from Great Britain. Congratulation. At the same time, it wasn’t even a thoroughbred kick to the head. Usman ran into him himself. Someone goes for the win and someone goes towards their own death. A crazy sport that I love,” Conor McGregor gushed over stablemate Edwards while mocking Usman.

Kamaru has made it known several times in the past that if there was a fight with McGregor, it would be a quick and very ugly process. Usman has also been accused several times of copying the famous Ira. So Conor has now literally pissed off Usman in his weak moment.

However, one loss does not change the fact that Usman is a great fighter. It just turned out that he is also only human and that he can make a mistake for which he will pay very bitterly. According to his reaction, however, it can be seen that he is not playing catch-up, which is good.

“Even champions just screw up sometimes. But we will come back and get our revenge.” Kamaru Usman responded promptly. So it is clear that he is not hanging his head and on the contrary is looking forward to a spectacular comeback in which he will want to prove that he is the rightful champion of the division and that he simply made a mistake and got caught.

Of course, it is not yet clear when the rematch will take place, but Dana White has made it known that he does not expect Usman to have any long health problems. Although he got a hard KO, which will give him some time off, he was quickly back to his senses, so he shouldn’t have any serious health problems.

White also indicated that he would like to finish the trilogy in an open stadium in Great Britain, but that he has a genuine fear of the weather, which is simply very unpredictable in England.

So we’ll see how the situation develops. However, Leon Edwards definitely proved how unpredictable MMA is. He himself was almost finished in the last seconds of his last fight with Diaz, only to pull out in the title fight with one hell of a kick that changed everything. Incredibly…

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