Slovacko surprised Slavia: gl Doski was the fifth fastest, it took 15 seconds

Slovacko surprised Slavia: gl Doski was the fifth fastest, it took 15 seconds
Slovacko surprised Slavia: gl Doski was the fifth fastest, it took 15 seconds

It took fifteen seconds to get home. Seven touches. those kicks, a kick and one hard kick, which Kaaraba accidentally denied for his own goal Mandous.

A space opened up in front of me on the left side, I got a bag from a teammate and I was only thinking about covering the song, pouring for O2 TV personality Merchas Doski, a German-Irish footballer, for whom it was the first hit in a domestic match.

We got off to a good start and gave ourselves a self-confidence, the body of Martin Svdek’s home team despite the 1:1 draw.

How he scored against the last match in Pilsen (0:3), where his team, on the other hand, conceded a goal in the first minute. It took 48 seconds, but Jan Kopic, after a kick from Adam Vlkanova, a new reinforcement from Viktoria, made waves. Slovaks managed to go much faster.

Milan Petrela played from the central circle backwards to Michal Kadlec, who handled the ball and moved it to Stanislav Hofmann’s park. The latter kicked me to the second half, where the Slavist Eduardo Santos could not overcome the duel with Jaroslav Mihlik. Petrel took possession of the ball again, and the ball was aimed at Doski, who was in a frenzy…

“I’m most sorry,” he said, shaking his head slyly about the situation we’re getting ready for these days. Luk Provod then suddenly added: Catastrophic water!

The fastest Premier League hit

Vratislav Lokvenc
10.5 seconds (Liberec – Hradec 1:2, 1994)

Mauro Lustrinelli
11 minutes (Sparta – Jablonec 3:0, 2006)

Radek Voltr
12 vtein (Jablonec – Karvin 5:3, 2016)

Alois Hyka
14 minutes (Brno – Dukla 3:0, 2016)

Merchas Doski
15 minutes (Slovakia – Slavia 1:1, 2022)

Source: Fortuna League

It was the fifth fastest gl in the history of the Czech Republic.

Hradec’s Vratislav Lokvenc managed to open the scree rescue in Liberec in 10.5 seconds before the age of twenty-eight. In 2006, Mauro Lustrinelli needed half a second for the goal in a match with Jablonec, and Radek Voltr from Karvin missed four six flights in 12 seconds.

By the way, Brno’s Alois Hyka was a fraction of a second faster than Doski on Sunday in 2016, only to win against Dukla in a flash.

if we didn’t forgive him, Doski regretted. After the game, we got a little tight and went for counter-flows, which is logical against such a high-quality competition as Slavia. In the end, we have to be grateful for the point.

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