It’s like a punishment at home. For half of the league teams, the balance sheet is upside down

It’s like a punishment at home. For half of the league teams, the balance sheet is upside down
It’s like a punishment at home. For half of the league teams, the balance sheet is upside down

The football league has gone through seven rounds, the teams have played an equal number of matches at home and away, but even so, it can be traced that the game at home is a penalty for half of the teams.

It is a paradox that bothers Ostrava coach Pavel Vrba the most.

The bank has a balanced balance sheet: away from home, it won points for the belts and did not lose. At home he played tyikrt, of which the porks and one win.

As much as possible

Bohemians – best away, at home one point from t save

esk Budjovice, Ostrava, Pardubicee – you dom porky from you save

Sparta – one win from the home team

Brno – one hundred percent outdoors

It was said that you can warm up outside, but you have to warm up at home. And we can’t do it, which is a huge problem, remarked Vrba after the outdoor flight at Hradec Krlov.

Even Pardubice have a home run and one win, but they can’t get anywhere and are last in the table. Besides, don’t have your own stadium like Hradec, play Bohemians at home in Prague.

Both Jene and the Bohemians are in good shape. Just like the footballer, Mlad Boleslav and Olomouc performed poorly in their own stadiums, won only one point and lost twice.

First, Bohemians are the prototype of a team that doesn’t like to be hit at home, but is demoralizing abroad. They are the best dark out there. They won in Jablonec, in Teplice, drew with Sparta and finally won in Brno.

Let’s relax at home and it’s not time. Sorry for the fans. Let’s score points away and not confirm them at home, coach Jaroslav Vesel was angry when his team lost to Esk Budjovic last week.

Pedtm did not stop at Hradec at home and drew with Bank, when they won 3:1. The first difference in performances in half-times is for Bohemians after home losses.

We thought it would be good. Sometimes we get the first seed, other times we are better after seed. But it’s a mistake every day, said Vesel.

Budjovice is full of the worst at home. Even though Bohemians, Boleslav and Olomouc got a point for the tie before their own girls, they started here at four. Sparta and Mlad Boleslav came to them for an easy win, Plze won it on Steleck Island with a goal from a set piece.

Sparta is the worst case. In her last championship season in 2013/2014, she won every match at Letn. In the following five years, she was the best four times in the home team balance, once second and once third.

In the last season in the reserve team, they had a balance of 2 wins and two draws, which was equal to the Pilsen championship. Only this year, from those home games, I have only a win over Olomouc, a loss against Liberec, a draw with Bohemians and finally with Zln.

And all this in a situation where the average attack force attacks 14,500 girls, which is an unusual phenomenon by some standards.

And on top of that, the first Saturday duel against Zln was ruined, when only 12,354 fans arrived. They booed the game after the game and it is a question whether they will be in the mood and want to drink and drink at the Bank, which was always full in the summer.

With an outside balance of two wins and one tie, Sparta is among the elite.

The best teams in the league, Plzeň and Slavia, have a 100% record at home, Viktoria’s great work away from home also helped them to win – ten points in that duel, their loss was recorded only at the end of the season in Teplice. Slavia u lost to Hradec Hradec and lastly lost to Slovacko (1:1).

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