MONDAY: A wolf would also suit Sparta. Ligu sr stupid foul

MONDAY: A wolf would also suit Sparta. Ligu sr stupid foul
MONDAY: A wolf would also suit Sparta. Ligu sr stupid foul

Offensive winger Adam Vlkanova, a representative bought from Hradec Krlov, joined Viktoria’s lineup in the second half. His transfer ended the summer transfer saga. I have an excellent game between people, I know how to find space, I know how to find teammates in the attack and eventually I can hide.

At the age of twenty-eight, at the peak of his powers. With the idea of ​​thanking the Wolf, they had fun playing Sparta, but in the end they evaluated it in a different way than Pilzesk f Adolf dek, who had to pay a sum of around ten million crowns plus he gave bonuses and gave the game those hundred thousand mes, i.e. not triple what ml in Hradec.

Pestupov’s move, as in the second case, remained a secret to the club after the agreement. And this is mainly in the case of Hradec Krlov, just its own city, if not transparent, but in domestic colors.

so don’t be afraid to invest in games in the middle ages, where the risk is known, eu is not closed with profit. Olomouc paid twenty million crowns for the twenty-seven-year-old national team stopper Vclav Jemelka.

The Plzeň boss chooses experience, or he will soon realize that players in their best footballing age can immediately help the club win a pension in European games.

Such a twenty-nine-year-old young man Jan Kliment did not have to score a single goal, and thanks to the distribution of goals in the qualification for the Champions League against Karabakh, it paid off.

While Plzeň and Vlkanova won the first leg in Liberec, Sparta again lost points after a home tie with Zln, and it could have been a shame that the guest did not use two separate goals against the goalkeeper.

Letent were again not dangerous enough and, just like in the previous round in Jablonec, they disappointed the game, even if the referee Berek had judged Hrubho’s pass at Karabec as illegal, they could have decided on a penalty.

However, there is no need to elaborate on the fact that Vlkanova would suit them. Stedopolai Pavelka and Sadlko served tons to the Kuchta – Vancar pair. The 19-year-old Krytof Dank is a better investment than Vlkanova, and the start of the game at Letn is great, don’t leave because of experience, and you can never have enough time.

Christian Frdek, a student from Sparansk, who, like Vlkanova, excels in spatial orientation, performed well in Liberec. Sparta gave the 20-year-old a chance to buy him back, and such a one could very well happen to him soon.

Nzkonkladov Votroci vl

Hradec Krlov also collected more points than Sparta after seven rounds, which, given its modest opening, the departure of defensive supports Mejdro and Krle, and the salary conditions, continues its vision in the championship groups for the second year.

Realized by the team with the matador Miroslav Koubek, the work is going on, even if without Vlkanova the performance will be weak. Even a point in weakened against the Bank, but again he is playing with a strong owner and great fans in the walls under his abilities, that is, he is economically not sporty as far as the quality of the roster is concerned.

Goalkeeper Michal Reichl scored the goal again with a certain power. In Olomouc, he did not establish himself, this shows that in the league m.

The Intruders continue to be consistently aggressive with fast access and quality organization. Same as last season, but collect a lot of fouls, especially those red cards in the rink, Koubka has to tweet.

erven cards for stupidity

Decisions have started to protect a healthy game and are ready to take some steps, but when you look at individual red fouls against the clubs, you will notice that the players are not only undisciplined, but also tactically immature and a shame, don’t be afraid to state that you are a complete fool.

See, for example, erven for Pardubice Rosa. You are at the bottom, I don’t know, change the coach and you need every point, but instead of dragging the escaped Vodhnl from Olomouc behind, or nipping at his heels, Rosa, without taking anything else, will attack the achilles from behind. This is an inexcusable step, but thanks to the video, it is punishable after the service.

And we would find a whole bunch of the rest excluded in this round alone. Jabloneck Malnsk goes to the Teplice goal Mucha like a morning from the net, Jovovi park again fouls at the line with a yellow card, Broukal from Eskobudjovic also has a similar behavior with a card on the account. As a trainer, you would prefer to get out of bed. It’s not even inexperience like a hot boy – stupidity, what is the agreement of other people’s work.

Excluded for football heel, but just shake your head at some steps. Jablonec saw five reds in the beginning of the season, about Hradec, there was already Pardubit in the shower with a lot of sweat.

Olomouc quickly took advantage of the penalty kick, followed up on a quality game against Liberec and got up. In addition, Jakub Pokorn, a messenger from the Bank, wrote to himself as a stopgap. Sigm also helped by driving Jiho Spilo into the center of the hit.

Vclav Jlek also rested, who, as he mentioned on the club’s Twitter, recorded his 120th league save in Sigma, which is the second highest number in the club’s history. He also supervised Petr Ulinho and Zdek Psotka. Before him is only the iconic Karel Brckner.

For the number of times that the coach, with the details of the thorn in his side, avoided speculation about his dismissal, they were heard even now after the fifth start of the season, it’s a good start. Congratulations and let them be guided by patience. It’s worth it.

the wheel’s bearing was half a horizontal descent. He didn’t disappoint. Slovacko did not control the ball against Slavia, but it was dangerous when they used the weak form of Santos in the defense of soupee. Total belt resp.

The uproar was caused by the hand of the Slovak Tomie in vpn. M kicked us, so Zelinka apologized that he didn’t give the penalty, but for these short cuts there should be boards. For you, the rules of the hand have changed like a printing press in the past. Kadlec also handled the move poorly, only tripping Lingr on the edge of the goal, this is a penalty. After a while, Stanislav Tecl, a slavish tonk, took the lead. Sevan would need hits from their hearts in a European confrontation.

Teplice won those points over Jablonec, so it can be stated that coach Jim Jarok had to count five games from the lineup that he did not field in the previous round against Slavia, where they suffered a 0:6 debacle. Telltale move, or unnecessary resignation to the result of which idiots the league offers to buy? Remember how Karvin scored last season. True, it didn’t help much.

Mj dm, m wreck. There’s an lp out

A lot of things to stop the ronka, surprisingly, I have a better balance at home than outside. Olomouc, Bank, Mlad Boleslav, esk Budjovice, Liberec and the best of all in the hitch soup are Bohemians, who scored ten points out of eleven. Apparently, the house is well cared for, and it is always easy to get out of the block.

Defender Martin Krlik said to the camera of Czech television in Eskobudjovice, Slovakia, after a meeting with Mlada Boleslav: We were friends in Vade, sometimes we weren’t there at all.

Let’s go not only in the center of Pilsen with Vlkanova to Barcelona, ​​but with the whole family down, so that in the fights there are only you and they don’t think they’re stupid.

Pkn monday.

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