The Slovak extreme four-wheeler shocks. It is driven by 1100 horses, it can reach 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds

Five years of concept development is over – Viktor Engler’s Slovak company Superquad Slovakia presented its serial extreme four-wheeler to the world for the first time. For the premiere, she chose spectacular backdrops – Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England, and an event called Salon Privé, which is traditionally held at the stunning country estate and where exceptional and luxurious vehicles are always shown to visitors.

The revolutionary wild quad bike Engler Superquad wowed visitors to the traditional Salon Privé event in England, where it made its global debut.

It impressed with its unique appearance and, above all, with its incredible performance – under the hood, it has a 5.2 L V10 forked ten-cylinder engine with an output of up to 1,100 horsepower, the manufacturer claims a maximum speed of 350 km/h, while this devil shoots from zero to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. That is, if you hold on to the handlebars in that mold.

Viktor Engler has been preparing the Superquad for almost five years. At the beginning, the used Audi R8 supersport and its engine were completely cleaned. And of course the vision to build a unique machine. “I always wanted to create something unique. Something that would bring a new, exciting driving experience,” says the Slovak designer. He is said to have dreamed of building his own vehicle since he was ten years old, and 30 years of dreaming and experience resulted in an original untamed machine.

Crazy race in traffic. The owner of the supersport turned the city circuit into a race track


​The first attempts were not successful, a lot of money was lost in them, but an uncompromising four-wheeler is still in the world. The company spent a lot of time developing the design and technology. It designed, developed and tested a unique aerodynamic body and steering system.

Engler called the current model Ten, in honor of the sharp ten-cylinder engine. Weighing only 1.1 tons, the vehicle resembles a miniature supersport, but it’s still a four-wheeler, so you don’t lie down behind the wheel, but rather sit up high behind the handlebars.

This is what makes the machine groundbreaking – it combines the feeling of a superbike and a hypersport.

Viktor Engler was at Salon Privé for the second time. But for the first time only with a concept that was also presented at the Geneva Motor Show three years ago. But this time it is a machine in full armor ready for production.

The four-wheeler will be produced in a small series, the first customers are said to wait until the end of the year.


The tiny off-road car sold out in 18 minutes. Hundreds of applicants turned up


​”The Superquad is unlike any other vehicle and perfectly captures the spirit of innovation and advanced engineering that we always showcase over the five days at Salon Privé,” praised the revolutionary machine and the head of Salon Privé, David Bagley.


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