The Russian regime is tightening the screws. The hockey player has heard the ortel, others will come next

In Russia, around the local hockey players, it is really tightening again. Probably the best-known case is the case of the Russian goalkeeper Fedotov, who was arrested in his country before the start of the NHL and taken to war. There have also been claims that Russian winger Kirill Kaprizov was involved in a fake military ID scandal. However, these fears turned out to be unfounded, and the 25-year-old player returned to the USA, where he is preparing for the start of the new NHL season.

After these cases, more information began to spread in the media, and three players got into trouble with bribing police officers with the intention of avoiding military duties, namely Mikhail Vorobyov from St. Petersburg and former Ufa players Anvar Sulejmanov and Vladislav Lukin from Ufa.

The latter was even sentenced on Monday at the Lenin District Court in the city of Ufa. The court found the 22-year-old goalkeeper guilty of attempted bribery in a case involving false identity documents and trying to avoid military service. In addition, the prosecutors demand a fine of 3 million rubles (approximately 1.2 million crowns).

The player’s lawyers said they would not appeal the verdict. According to lawyer Gulšat Chamaletdinov, this will probably not affect the career of the young player, who is currently active in Kazan’s reserve team. “It will actually be a postponement of military service, it will not affect the player’s career in any way,” said Chamaletdinov.

On September 6, there will be a court hearing for St. Petersburg forward Mikhail Vorobyov, who was also accused of paying bribes of up to 200,000 rubles (the recipient of the bribes was later arrested), although he himself admitted that he never received the fake document. On September 22, Vladislav Lukin, who currently defends the colors of Vladivostok, will hear the court’s verdict for a change.

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