A bold plan to join the top clubs. Black is fit and has caught his form

He is finally at peace. “The knee is holding, I have everything without relief. I can handle a busy schedule. We played preliminary rounds of cups all summer long, including the league. And now I’m here for the national team, which I’m happy about. This is exactly what I wanted to get back to normal. The more matches the better for me. I’ve lost a lot of them in my career,” Václav Černý revels before the national team’s final matches in the League of Nations against Portugal and Switzerland.

The 24-year-old offensive all-rounder already scored five goals this season. He scored against Fiorentina in the Conference League playoffs, but Twente were eliminated. Anyway, he came to the meeting in excellent shape. Recently in the Dutch league, he gave both Excelsior Rotterdam (4:0) and Eindhoven (2:1) two goals each. The win over PSV had a big response. With his performance, the Czech representative impressed even Amsterdam’s Ajax, for whose team he had already started at the age of seventeen.

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“The valuable win was appreciated both by people working in Ajax and in Holland in general. I am mainly happy that I helped my club and team. It was a pleasant and successful weekend,” grins Černý. His Twente is fifth in the table after seven rounds.

“It was a big match. We want to get into the top four clubs, so we would like to beat big opponents at home. It was great that it worked out. Of course, two goals are nice for a striker, especially for me. This is definitely a good way to start the season. As for the goals, it could be said that one of the most successful matches of my career. But I think I’ve had better games,” says Černý.

He only regrets that his club mate Michal Sadílek is missing from the meeting due to injury. “As always, Miša would like to go, but it would probably be too soon. Given his health, this is smarter and better.”

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