Samsung S23 owners no longer have to worry about screen burn-in

  • Samsung combats AMOLED display burn-in by scrolling the status bar
  • We tested the function on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • It will probably reach other mobile phones as well

When the OneUI 6 update came out, in addition to many positives, there were also negatives. One of the less pleasant ones was the failure to move the status bar. It seems like a small thing, but with the AMOLED displays used by Samsung in their flagships, this feature is necessary or you risk burning the display.

Display burn-in

In the instructions, we read that we should not leave a static image displayed for a long time. But what is the user to do? status barwhere nothing changes in the long term except time? Solution offers a system that in some time interval with the image a little moves. If you don’t focus on it, you won’t even notice it. But it is enough to give the pixels a rest and prevent burning.

Burning the display

AMOLED works by making each pixel emit light. The ability to emit light decreases with age and stress. If part of the display keeps showing the same image, it can happen that it “burns out” and will be visible, for example, on a white surface.

The annoying thing is that the display burns out cannot be repaired otherwise than by exchanging it. They do offer calibration in the service, but it is not perfect.

The bar is scrolling – click to see the animation

The folks at Toranji tested One UI 6.1 and the screen burn protection function works as it should. As you can see in the GIF image above, the UI elements in the status bar and navigation bar on the Galaxy S23 Ultra shift slightly every few minutes.

While this feature has only been tested on the Galaxy S23 series so far, it is unclear if it is also present on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Tab S9 series. However, there is no reason to doubt that Samsung would include this feature in the Galaxy S23 but not in other devices.

Have you encountered a burned-in display?

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