Instagram is down in the Czech Republic! You cannot add posts or stories –


  • The Instagram and Threads networks were affected by an outage of some services
  • Users are reporting problems uploading posts
  • According to, the outage is worldwide, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • It is also not possible to upload new Stories on Instagram

Did you try to add a new post or Stories to Instagram after 8pm today and get an error message telling you that the upload failed? The fault is not with your receiver. The popular image social network Instagram is reporting an outage of some of its services from 20:30 today. So it is not a complete outage when the network is not available – older recorded photos and videos can be browsed without problems, only new content cannot be added.

Instagram is down, you can't add Stories or postsInstagram is down, you can't add Stories or posts
Instagram is down, you can’t add Stories or posts

Incidentally, the same outage also affected X (Twitter’s) competitor, the Threads network. It is not possible to add new posts there either, the attempt always ends with an error message “The post did not upload“. At this time, it is not clear what is behind the problem or when it will be fixed. Meta, the operator of Instagram and Threads, has not yet commented on the situation.

Threads is down, unable to add new postsThreads is down, unable to add new posts
The Threads network is also down, and new posts can’t be added here either

We saw this for ourselves when we uploaded Stories to our editorial Instagram So far, the first Stories uploaded at approximately 20:25 went through without complications, the second Stories uploaded at 20:55 already ended with an error. And the same thing happens when trying to add a new post.

Instagram service outage on April 1, 2024Instagram service outage on April 1, 2024
Instagram service outage on April 1, 2024

DownDetector also confirms the outage of Instagram and Threads, while Facebook and WhatsApp, on the other hand, were not affected in any way. We will continue to monitor the situation and update the article as soon as all components of Instagram and Threads are functional again.

Updated at 10:03 p.m.: we just managed to submit a post to both our Instagram and Threads editorial accounts. The DownDetector service also reports a decrease in unavailability. So it seems that the problem of not being able to add new content to both social networks should be solved after less than 90 minutes.

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