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  • WhatsApp comes with another welcome news
  • Newly, we will not have to set the HD quality for each sent photo separately
  • In the new version of the application, this behavior can be set for all photos

Users of not only the chat application WhatsApp have been troubled by one problem since time immemorial. If you wanted to send someone a photo this way, it was often compressed and of insufficient quality.

For a long time, there was nothing left but to either send photos in some other way or through WhatsApp, but not as a photo, but as a document. Although this type of attachment was not displayed with a preview afterwards, at least the original quality of the photo was preserved.

Missing feature?

Last August, we got an update that started allowing people sending photos to choose whether they want to send it in basic or in HD resolution, that is, although not in the original, but significantly better than was possible before.

Graphic alerting to the possibility of sending HD photos via WhatsAppGraphic alerting to the possibility of sending HD photos via WhatsApp
Last August, WhatsApp introduced the ability to send photos in HD resolution

However, it was not the best solution. The option to send in HD resolution had to be clicked separately for each message. It would be better to be able to set this behavior somehow by default in the settings.

WhatsApp comes up with a solution

And this function was found by the WABetaInfo server in the upcoming beta version In the settings menu Storage and data a new switch appeared Quality of sent media. If you select the option Standard qualitythe recipient will receive a compressed image in lower quality, but it will be delivered faster and take up less space on the phone.

New option in WhatsApp settingsNew option in WhatsApp settings
The WABetaInfo server discovered a new switch in the settings

However, if you choose to send photos in HD quality, you must expect a longer time for sending and then downloading. According to WhatsApp, such a file should take up to six times more space.

Photos and videos

However, you don’t have to worry about having to “climb” into the settings if you need to change this setting once. Of course, the option before sending the photo will not disappear and will work as before. Let’s also not forget that the mentioned possibilities do not only apply to photos, but also to videos.

WhatsApp applicationWhatsApp application

Don’t overlook

The convergence of WhatsApp and Instagram is deepening. Everyone will appreciate this news

The new function is currently being tested by a limited number of beta testers, but if there are no problems with it, we can look forward to it appearing in the next update of this popular application.

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