Not so happy Australia. Gloomy economic reality also hit the counter

Not so happy Australia. Gloomy economic reality also hit the counter
Not so happy Australia. Gloomy economic reality also hit the counter

It seems that three years later, the consequences of the global economic crisis also fell on the opposite side. Australia is now grappling with the high cost of living, a fragmented labor market and growing social inequality. For a country that has long been considered a clique in this regard, the reality of fuel in particular is new, according to The New York Times.

Australia is one of the richest and most stable countries in the world. Millions of inhabitants, however, are now encountering things that the earth has not seen for many decades. what if they have problems with food costs, with paying for housing and health care, and they also pay for services. And many young Australians are descendants whose ancestors never had to be arrested.

a reason for optimism

Twenty-eight-year-old Australian Robyn Northamov dreamed of becoming a censer. Growing up and spending money on food for his two children made it difficult for him to use it. Two generations ago, his grandmother raised her family in her own home as a single mother and at the same time worked as a nurse. If you’re an average Australian, it’s practically impossible for a young woman to go to Cairns these days. With my partner, the salary for the apartment is 600 Australian dollars, i.e. about 9,200 K per week.

The Australian now pays more for everything, not just for him. The pandemic caused an increase in inflation, which now reaches 10 percent. However, in some parts of Melbourne, the number has increased by half between years, the availability of housing is the lowest it has been in at least seventeen years. Homeowners are under pressure. Australian mortgages are usually fixed for several years, and because the central bank has tried to tame the prices of rising annual rates, they have tripled to 6.7 percent in recent years.

Sydney as a city without in-laws

In few areas is the current Australian crisis manifesting itself as strongly as in the housing market. A survey by the Per Capita think tank from last year showed that I am not one of those Australians who do not own a home, but who will ever be able to own one. If you have a really stable rental system, it’s not a problem, according to economist Hutleyov, who criticizes Australian laws. According to him, they go to the hands of the property owners.

The current lack of German apartments has caused the number of houses to rise sharply in some districts. This drives young people out of the city. One of the latter warned that Sydney was in danger of becoming a city without sons-in-law due to the departure of young families.

Fifty-year-old Australian Talitha Vermeulenov is trying to grow up with her partner first in this city. Unfortunately, as vacant properties are often rented out in advance, tours cannot be held at all. It’s just frustrating, I didn’t even have a chance to look around, k.

Legend of Astn Land

Although Australians are often as proud of their homeland as they are of their country, even here wealth is distributed among its inhabitants even more unequally. Australia thus joins other countries that are faced with growing inequality and rising generational tensions. According to Australia’s Unity Wellbeing Index, the economic situation has resulted in the lowest level of life satisfaction since we met 22 years ago. According to researcher Kate Lycettov, the high cost of living, worrying global politics and growing inequality contribute to this. It’s a huge number of people trying to make ends meet, she said.

Some of those who own houses also face problems. edestilet Australian Tracey Shepherdov lived not far from Ple in Queensland. Bval sttenia has health problems, because of which it is difficult for her to find a permanent job. While there is a decision on the disability pension, except for all disputes. Due to the high prices of food and the increasing fees for renting an apartment, life here is insecure. When I was young, they thought we were a separate country. Not so here, concluded according to The New York Times.

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