Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke LIVE: Fight reaction, results and official scorecards after epic heavyweight battle

Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke LIVE: Fight reaction, results and official scorecards after epic heavyweight battle
Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke LIVE: Fight reaction, results and official scorecards after epic heavyweight battle

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Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke battled to a hard-fought draw after delivering an incredible fight for the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.

Wardley defended his titles but suffered immense damage after 12 brutal rounds, including what appeared to be a broken nose, which left blood streaming down his face for the majority of the fight.

A heavy right hand to Clarke in the fifth eventually saw the former Olympian hit the canvas, and he was deducted a point in the seventh round to leave him with a mountain to climb.

But Clarke fought back and salvaged a draw, with one judge awarding him the fight outright 115-112, while Wardley was favored 114-113 on another. But a third judge was unable to split the fighters with his 113-113 card ensuring a draw.

Re-live updates and see all results from Wardley vs Clarke and the undercard fights, below.

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Wardley vs Clarke: Full fight report

The wait for this fight endured for 12 months, and the bout itself endured for all 12 rounds. Fabio Wardley vs Frazer Clarke, a fight billed as “Bad Blood”, ended with plenty of spilled – much of it splattered on the referee’s shirt, most of it leaking from Wardley’s malformed nose, which caused him major difficulties and might just have cost him victory .

After 36 minutes of attritional brutality, which for these heavyweights might have felt even longer than the year-long delay to this fight, Wardley and Clarke failed to settle their feud, battling to a draw. In a scintillating main event at London’s O2 Arena, Wardley retained his British and Commonwealth titles, as the judges scored the bout 114-113, 112-115, 113-113.

Although a collective drone of disappointment greeted the result, it felt an appropriate one, with neither boxer deserving to lose his unbeaten record. While Wardley dropped Clarke somewhere amid the violence, and while Clarke was docked a point for a low blow, the latter dealt out his fair share of damage, too.

Read our full report from the O2 Arena, where Wardley and Clarke produced an instant classic:

Alex Pattle31 March 2024 23:28


Wardley v Clarke

Clarke sank into the ropes then onto the mat after 12 epic rounds

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Wardley’s face was left a bloody mess, but he exited the O2 with his belts

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Alex Pattle1 April 2024 00:01


Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:57


Wardley v Clarke

Wardley and Clarke battle to split draw (114-113 to Wardley, 115-112 to Clarke, 113-113)

Let’s do it all over again! Gutting for both men that there is no winner there, but after a lengthy recovery, surely they do this once more to settle the score.

(Action Images via Reuters)

(John Walton/PA Wire)

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:45


Wardley v Clarke

What a fight! That is one of the most brutal heavyweight fights you will ever see, 12 rounds of destruction.

How did Wardley stay in it with the state of his nose?

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:43


Wardley v Clarke

The Sky Sports viewers have Wardley winning by one point.

Wardley batters Clarke’s body, both men have taken those shots well all night.

Clarke then digs one in low, then attempts to find the uppercut. Only 90 seconds remain, this round could decide this memorable contest.

Clarke finally finds a home for the uppercut. The round is still up for grabs, 30 seconds…

Clarke lands big! How does Wardley stay up? Incredible drama. It looked strong enough to close the show.

An uppercut, Wardley is hanging on by a thread, but comes back strong in the final five seconds, the combination lands and the bell rings. Amazing!

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:41


Wardley v Clarke

This is up for grabs, two rounds remaining.

Wardley with a couple of backhanders to Clarke, Gray warns him.

The referee’s white show is splattered with blood.

Wardley with a smart jab, but he doesn’t have the energy to back it up with a combination. This is a brutal heavyweight contest. A war at times, somehow both men dig deep and unload again and again.

This one is a tight round and hard to call, both men shattered. Clarke weathers the storm after a shower of punches land at the end of the round. That could nick it for Wardley!

(John Walton/PA Wire)

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:37


Wardley v Clarke

The viewers’ card on Sky Sports has this even. Clarke’s energy is higher, he storms out of his corner.

Wardley is now staggering around, this is wild stuff. All on instinct. Now Steve Gray will force the doctor to examine Wardley’s nose, could this be stopped?

Out of nowhere, Wardley with a big right, letting his hands go, stunning scenes here. Clarke spits the gumshield out. Incredible drama.

A second timeout, now one minute remaining. This is anybody’s fight. Wardley pinned to the ropes and Clarke whipping in those hooks and a counter right lands clean and somehow Wardley stays on his feet. An epic heavyweight battle!

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:29


Wardley v Clarke

Wardley is out quickly and throws the big right hand! He looked tired in the last round, is Clarke about to come on strong and take over? Remember, Wardley has never been this far before.

Clarke has time here, but Wardley looks vulnerable, will he pounce?

The nose is in a horrendous state, Wardley can’t go on much longer with it like that, surely.

Wardley is brave though, digging in and gritting his teeth. But the momentum has changed. Even with two points to make up from the knockdown and deduction, Clarke could make this very tight down the stretch.

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:25


Wardley v Clarke

Clarke was warned three times, so that’s why the point came off. It was a nothing shot, really, on the ropes, clearly low. Was that really worth it?

Wardley blocking shots with his shoulders, but Clarke is putting plenty behind them, they could have an attritional effect.

Wardley is the more efficient puncher, wasting less energy. But suddenly Clarke lands a big right from downtown!

But Wardley’s response is superb, letting his hands go, whipping those shots in and Clarke staggers. But Wardley’s nose is in a right mess, is he tired and unloading the tank due to difficulty breathing?

(Getty Images)

Jack Rathborn31 March 2024 22:23

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