This is not April Fool’s Day! GTA V may get both an Android and a Switch port

  • The leaked source code of GTA V is available for download on the Internet
  • Modders have already started working on ports for Switch, Android and Linux
  • However, it is not yet clear when (or if) we will play the title

Rockstar has always been able to keep information about its titles relatively well under wraps, but for at least a year and a half, this is no longer the case. In December 2023, it appeared on the Internet GTA V complete source code, after the leak of GTA VI code in September 2022. Although it was initially sold privately at a price of around 50 thousand dollars (about 1.2 million crowns), it is now spreading on the Internet, opening the door to unofficial ports of the game on platforms, where he was not officially headed. We are talking about Android, Linux and Nintendo Switch.

The prospect of playing GTA V on mobile and handheld is enticing, but the reality is still a long way off. The report emphasizes that the preparation of the port is still at an early stage. While the game can be run on the mentioned platforms, it requires considerable effort and fine-tuning to achieve full functionality and playability. The question remains how challenging the title will be. As a rule, unofficial ports are not as well debugged. So it is quite possible that it will run smoothly only on mobiles with TOP chips, such as Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. I am especially curious about a possible port for Nintendo Switch. Probably no one doubts that GTA V would be easy to play on this console, we have already seen other and much more demanding titles, for example the third Witcher or Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but of course these are ports from the official stables.

The code leak presents more serious problems for Rockstar. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years there will be copycats on the market using the same engine and game mechanics and then it will be up to the lawyers to deal with the whole situation. Perhaps it would be best if only Rockstar himself had focused on the port. The result would almost certainly be better (perhaps even if the studio Grove Street Games, which brought us the not-so-successful definitive editions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas), was in charge of it, and in addition, the American studio could make a big buck on it.

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