Spring also sent cyclists and motorcyclists, vulnerable road users, onto the roads


For both of the above-mentioned groups, a collision with a car is a high risk, but the causes of accidents tend to be different. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, seven people died and 54 people were seriously injured in traffic accidents involving motorcyclists in the South Bohemian Region last year. Last year, six cyclists died in traffic accidents in South Bohemia and 31 were seriously injured. Collisions with cars are risky, but several cyclists on e-bikes suffered serious and even fatal injuries when they fell after losing control of their ride.

The cold front liberated southern Bohemia. The wind blew sand from the Sahara

As Tomáš Neřold, head of the BESIP department at the Ministry of Transport, points out, compared to other European countries, the Czech Republic ranks among those with the worst results in terms of motorcyclist accidents. Their traffic accidents then have a relatively different character compared to the accidents of other participants. “Most often, these are accidents with the right of way and accidents due to loss of control over the vehicle in directional curves. A common problem is simply the fact that other drivers often overlook motorcyclists, especially at intersections,” says Tomáš Neřold, adding that many drivers are also surprised by the acceleration or maneuverability of motorcycles. Last year, 74 motorcyclists were killed and 364 seriously injured on Czech roads.

According to Tomáš Neřold, an international survey confirmed that even Czech motorcyclists underestimate the risks of high speed. In the survey, less than ten percent of Czech drivers admitted to exceeding the maximum permitted speed outside the municipality, the European average is roughly two percent lower.

On a sunny Easter, cyclists and motorcyclists also took to the roads in large numbers after the winter.Source: Diary/Edwin Otta

A long-term analysis of traffic accidents involving cyclists, which was jointly created by Besip and the Center for Traffic Research, showed that the most serious accidents involving cyclists are, just as in the case of motorcyclists, collisions at intersections, a vehicle hitting a cyclist from behind, or running over a car or cyclist in the opposite direction. Every year, 40 cyclists lose their lives on Czech roads. “The fault in a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle is 58% on the side of the driver of the vehicle and 39% on the side of the cyclist. The remaining percentages are accidents in which it was not possible to clearly identify the culprit of the accident,” says Tomáš Neřold, adding that it is necessary to educate both mentioned groups.

At the same time, South Bohemia is filled with cyclists every year from spring to autumn. Above all, Třeboňsko and Lipno are popular destinations, but large groups of cyclists can also be encountered on the roads elsewhere. Separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists cannot be used everywhere.

The experts have some basic advice for all road users – considerateness, mutual foresight, compliance with regulations, even in such a seemingly small matter as a timely sign to change the direction of travel. Even just avoiding a pothole on the road can be the cause of a risky situation.

A serious accident involving a cyclist happened last week near Dasného, ​​and the police are still looking for witnesses. The traffic accident on the I/20 road happened on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 7:50 p.m. The driver of a Citroën Jumpy utility vehicle, gray in color, was driving along the mentioned route. According to police spokesman Milan Bajcura, in the Bavorovice cadastre, between the so-called Bavorovický bridge and the Dasen substation, he apparently did not adjust his driving speed to his abilities, traffic density, weather conditions and the characteristics of the load, and overlooked a cyclist on an electric bike traveling in the same direction, whom he hit. He suffered very serious injuries.

Didn't you witness a serious traffic accident on the road between Budějovice and Dasný?Didn’t you witness a serious traffic accident on the road between Budějovice and Dasný?Source: Police of the Czech Republic

Criminal investigators are asking any witnesses to the accident, especially drivers of cars with on-board cameras, to contact police officer Josef Bouberle at the police headquarters at Plavská 2 from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., telephone 974 226 460 or on line 158.

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