Fried cheese in Brno: lunch menu prices and where to get a kilo of it as romance

Fried cheese in Brno: lunch menu prices and where to get a kilo of it as romance
Fried cheese in Brno: lunch menu prices and where to get a kilo of it as romance

/OVERVIEW/ Everyone loves him. And whoever says no is secretly eating it. This is what Brno restaurant operators say about fried cheese. There are few businesses in the streets of Brno where fried cheese would be missing in addition to the traditional tenderloin. How much are lovers of this dish willing to pay for a Czech staple? The Brno daily Rovnost has prepared a price comparison of fried cheeses on lunch menus in Brno.

At Lokál u Caipla they serve fried artisan organic cheese from the farm.

| Photo: courtesy of Petr Opálka

Brno student Simona Ostřanská found her way to fried cheese after she stopped eating meat. “I think the best one is in Stopková pivnica, where they have gouda and potatoes and tartare. For example, in Lokále, they have it on clarified butter, but it seems quite greasy to me,” she commented on the fried cheeses in businesses on Česká and Kozí streets in Brno.

Unique in Brno. Rare blackbirds with white feathers fly in the streets

It is in Lokál u Caipla that offers fried cheese for 285 crowns. There is no lunch menu here, the restaurant only offers an all-day menu with evening variations. Despite the higher price, according to the restaurant’s manager Petr Opálka, it is the most popular dish.

How does the fryer fare in other places in South Moravia?

you know where people like to go most in Blansko, to enjoy the fryer? We are clear.

What is the difference between Czech and Swiss fried cheese? And which one is better? You will also learn about this in the article mapping the phenomenal food in Břeclavsk.

Fried cheese to eat every day? They experienced this in a restaurant in Hodonínsk.

How to diversify the offer of fried cheese, they know that in the restaurant in Vyškovskowhere they offer edam, gouda, smoked cheese, ermine, and sometimes add ham.

I’d rather have fried food in a restaurant, I don’t like it that much at home, said one of the lovers of the Czech delicacy in Znojmo. More about the phenomenon of cheese in dough here.

Across all Locals in the country, visitors consume twenty-two tons of cheese annually.

Source: Youtube

The last time they raised the price of fried cheese in Lokál in Brno was last fall, when they replaced classic edam with organic artisanal cheese. “It’s a fried artisanal edam that is custom-made for the locals. We serve it with boiled potatoes covered in butter and homemade tartare,” Opálka described. People eat at other places much cheaper at noon.

For example, in the U Karla restaurant in Bayerova street in Brno. The menu here offers fried cheese for 149 crowns including soup. “We raise prices only when it is necessary and the prices of input raw materials, or energy or wages, rise sharply. “Unfortunately, there were three times last year that we had to raise prices by a few crowns,” said Radek Klimeš of the operating company.

Fried cheese together with schnitzel and their various modifications are also sold the most at U Karel. He offers edam here, because according to Klimeš, it is the most suitable and does not run out after frying. “We wrap it in breadcrumbs according to our recipe. If you use high-quality ingredients for the fryer, homemade tartare, add to that human labor, which in gastronomy rises by twenty percent year-on-year due to the lack of staff, and of course the profit, you are on the price of almost two hundred crowns,” explained the operator.

The prices of the lunch menu are cheaper than the rest of the day, because more food is sold. U Karla’s “biggest fryer in Brno” is a specialty on the permanent menu. The whole meal weighs about one kilogram. “Couples have it as a romantic dinner, but also gentlemen and ladies as a challenge,” added Klimeš.

The prices of fried cheeses on the permanent menu usually range from around one hundred and sixty crowns to two hundred. “That’s still cool, but more is too much for me. I understand that restaurants have higher costs, but a fryer for almost three hundred is a lot. It’s still just a piece of cheese,” said Ostřanská.

Prices of fried cheese on the lunch menu of random Brno restaurants:

  • U Karel (Bayerova ul.)
    fried cheese with ham, boiled potatoes buttered with chives, homemade tartar sauce, with soup: 149 CZK
  • Al Capone (Hrnčiřská Street)
    fried duo of cheeses (Eidam, ermine), boiled potatoes with parsley, tartar sauce, with soup: 122 CZK
  • U Dřevák (Dřevařská ul.)
    fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce, boiled potatoes with chives, with soup: 145 CZK
  • At the Wooden Wolf (Zelný trh)
    fried cheese stuffed with ham, boiled potatoes, tartare, with soup: 159 CZK
  • Padowetz (Masarykova ul.)
    fried ermine stuffed with chicken, boiled potatoes with chives, homemade tartare, with soup: 169 CZK
  • State (pronounced freedom)
    fried ermine stuffed with English bacon, boiled potatoes, homemade tartare, with soup: 149 CZK
  • Restaurant Seagull (Jungmannova ul.)
    fried cheese with ham, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce, with soup: 165 CZK
  • Šelepka (Šelepova ul.)
    fried ermine with chicken, parsley potatoes, tartare, without soup: 155 CZK
  • Šnyt Brno (Pálavské nám.)
    fried cheese with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce, with soup: 159 CZK
  • Na Mlaty (Mikulčická ul.)
    fried cheese, fries, tartare, with soup: 130 CZK
  • U Ričího (Jiráskova ul.)
    fried gouda cheese, boiled potatoes, tartar, with soup: 129 CZK
  • Dno restaurant & café (Orlí ul.)
    fried gouda cheese with potatoes or fries and homemade tartar sauce, with soup: 164 CZK
  • “U mlsných koček” baguette (ul. Příkop)
    fried cheese, boiled potato, homemade tartare, without soup: 129 CZK
  • Restaurant Zlatý grail (Křenová ul.)
    fried gouda cheese, fries, tartar sauce, garnish, with soup: 154 CZK
  • Restaurant Baroko (Orlí ul.)
    fried niva, boiled potatoes, homemade tartare, with soup: 149 CZK

How much would you be willing to pay for fried cheese? Write us your opinion in the discussion next to the article.

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