et scientists have succumbed to the discovery of gynaecomastia in obese women

et scientists have succumbed to the discovery of gynaecomastia in obese women
et scientists have succumbed to the discovery of gynaecomastia in obese women

TO Human whales have been compared by scientists to an unusual breed of supermassive black hole in the heart of a distant galaxy. They found that the “fluid” causes a small black hole that repeatedly pierces the gas disk into black holes. Experts from the Academy of Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno and Charles University participated in the international study published in the journal Science Advances. They reported on the research in the press.

Astronomers first noticed that two quiet black holes, located in the center of the galaxy about 800 million light-years away, suddenly flared up. For the duration of those months, once every 8.5 days, she let out lumps of gas, but she settled down again to a normal, calm state. This is a previously unrecorded breed.

When scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States (MIT) were looking for an explanation of the observed phenomenon, they came across a recent work on the topic of ash led by Petra Sukov from the Academy of Sciences. et astrophysicists, independently of the observatory, used a model in which the central supermassive black galaxy of both types, men. “This small black dragon moves on a shaft bent under a certain helmet and the disc of its second companion, repeatedly passes through it and disrupts it,” Sukov described.

The team then compared the results of the numerical simulations with the observed data. Its discovery supported the theory that the observed decreases in X-ray intensity were likely a trace of a type of minor black hole that orbits a central supermassive black hole and periodically pierces its disk.

“Based on detailed observations, we found that in order for the gas clusters to be large enough to cause the observed absorption, they must have a mass of at least 100 times that of the Sun,” said Michal Zajaek from Masaryk University.

The results of the collaboration enrich the traditional idea of ​​the disc herniation of dr. Until now, scientists have assumed that it is a relatively smooth gaseous form that rotates around a central supermassive black hole. The new results indicate that accreted disks can have a much more diverse structure and may interact with stars and other black dramas that coincide with the accreted disk.

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