Accommodation in Paris will be very expensive because of the Olympics


The Summer Olympics in Paris, which take place from July 28 to August 11, promise to be a stunning experience. However, the prices of accommodation there are also astounding, rising up to five times during the Games.

Last June, according to the website Statista, the average price of accommodation in the French capital amounted to 355 euros for one night (around nine thousand crowns), in August this figure dropped to 212 euros (5,360 crowns). In March of this year, tourists left an average of 243 euros (6,140 crowns) in Paris hotels and Airbnb.

February 8, 2024 3:08 p.m

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According to the New York Times, a number of hotels and owners of short-term rentals have decided to make good money on the sports holiday. During the games, some accommodation is available at twice or three times the normal price, in some cases one night will even cost visitors up to five times the normal price.

One example is the Ducs de Bourgogne hotel, which usually offers accommodation in a double room worth around 300 euros (about 7,600 crowns), but with the Olympics approaching, the prices have risen significantly. This year in January, tourists spent approximately 1,500 euros (about 38,000 crowns) for one night, and in March this amount amounted to 21,000 crowns.

Not even the well-known Ibis hotel chain was “left behind”, whose prices usually range between 90 and 200 euros (2,274 to 5,053 crowns) per night. At the end of March, however, this amount climbed to 8.5 and 12 thousand crowns.

April 1, 2024 7:00 a.m

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Maybe a downturn will come

However, the New York Times reminds us that the current situation is only a kind of “madness” before the games begin. Some owners who fail to rent out their accommodation prefer to reduce the price. With the arrival of summer, the prices of some accommodation can therefore be expected to drop.

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