A serious accident of a motorcyclist, his machine was torn in two and caught fire



The motorcyclist had to immediately undergo a demanding operation after a serious accident

On Friday after ten o’clock in the evening, a serious traffic accident occurred on the connection of the road from Horní Lukavice to the main road from Pilsen to Přeštice, during which a motorcyclist fell. The motorcycle with the damaged fork then ended up a few tens of meters from the driver and caught fire.
All emergency services went to the accident, the firemen secured the scene, extinguished the wreckage of the motorcycle with a high-pressure stream and provided pre-medical first aid to the motorcyclist, who, among other things, put on a neck collar and ensured thermal comfort.

“We transported the man with moderate injuries to the Lochotín University Hospital,” the press spokeswoman for the rescuers told us. Here, a young man who, according to our information, suffered several fractures, had to undergo surgery immediately.

Friends of the injured motorcyclist contacted our editors asking if they could send him a wish through us, saying that it would make him happy. Of course we were happy to oblige: “Dominik, friend, you see, you got to Krimi after all! We wish you a speedy recovery and we are thinking of you! Hello Kravál and your other friends!”

“The driver, born in 1994, was driving a Honda motorcycle along the I/27 road when, approximately two kilometers before Přeštice, while passing a left-hand bend, he apparently did not adjust his driving speed to his abilities and drove into the right-hand road ditch, where he crashed into a canal drain. A breath test on the driver ruled out drinking alcohol before driving,” the police spokeswoman added that the police officers from the Plzeň venkov territorial department are still looking into all the circumstances of this traffic accident.

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