Dog walkers took cinemas by storm. Gump took over the gold after Dune


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After four weekends when sandworms ruled the cinemas, we have a change, and this time the ranking was won by a dog number two. However, the worms held the lead against the mutated reptiles and giant apes.

Although the extended Easter weekend prepared spring weather, the Czechs did not forget their darlings and went to the sequel of the three-year-old comedy Gump in a big way. It started in a slight covid haze with 37,000 viewers, but it managed to multiply its slower start by six and rank among the top 10 films of 2021. The sequel was only a matter of time, so after three years we have a number two delivered by the same creators and in the same guise , even in the literal title. 48,000 viewers for Gump – we are number two is a decent improvement against number one, and participation in the top ten of the year is therefore in play again.

There are still plenty of local rivals, however, the first goal for Gump turned out to be successful, when it managed to knock down the rival Sladký život to fourth place. He started with similar numbers three weeks ago and so far has only slightly doubled his start, so it definitely does not look like another persistent hit like Women in the Run. Another three weeks older Matka v trap is still better (118 vs 161 thousand viewers), but she went into the fight with lower expectations and therefore Gump’s current blow doesn’t hurt her as much anymore. Whether Gump will be placed in a similar box as these two films will be decided by next weekend and the eventual drop. If he resists, he will want to challenge Aristokratka in Var, which has been unattainable so far, to a duel, which dominates this year’s Czech news with more than 270,000 and has been in the TOP 20 for almost three months.

This year’s absolute ruler, the science fiction Dune: Part Two, had to settle for silver after four victories. Gump, however, is not to blame for the almost 40 percent drop, as is the nagging duo Godzilla x Kong, which also started in our country at the weekend. 17 thousand viewers for the next addition to the monster family more or less corresponds to the wave of interest that Godzilla has ridden since its second installment. Comparing it to their first fight, which took place three years ago just after the cinemas opened, is not entirely fair, anyway, the American enthusiasm did not reach us and both monsters will probably continue to play in the second or third league. The second Dune was enough for both monsters even with four weekends behind it and expanded its rich frenzy by another 22 thousand viewers. In total, we are already at 410 thousand and the dream half million is already within reach.

On the other hand, three days off did not attract children to the cinemas. Kung Fu Panda 4 fell by 40% and the audience count has so far only slightly exceeded 157 thousand, so the fourth still remains the weakest part of the series. Much larger, up to two-thirds declines, affected weaker and older competitors such as Migratory Birds, Ella and the Black Jaguarthe weakest ones like Max and MayaWonka or Washing they have already completely dropped out of the TOP 20. The animated Russian novelty Domestic Monsters attracted only 6,000 viewers, and the only thing interesting about this film is that it is a Czech premiere by the Slovak distributor Continental Film.

The latest news of the week is the Japanese drama Perfect Days by German director Wim Wenders. A score of just over 3,000 is just about halfway up the list, where similar connoisseur films have a chance to reach. The more serious titles did not do particularly well last weekend, practically even relatively strong things like Chudáčci fell to the edge of the TOP 20, Zone of interest or One Life. On the contrary, horror films have taken off. Last week’s new product Unsullied fell by only 27%, newcomer Invisible Evil remained in the rankings despite a considerable drop and Voices of the dead they even rose between weekends.

Complete sales chart here.

The coming weekend will be without much news. The new addition to the horror series Satan Comes with the subtitle The First Sign or, according to the trailers, the sympathetic action film The Monkey Man, will try, but then it’s for more demanding people, whether it’s a Czech documentary Borderlands of Europe, a French drama Undesirable or the Slovak horror Smršť.

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