I have the right to live and make mistakes

I have the right to live and make mistakes
I have the right to live and make mistakes

And yet: “You’re right, I can’t fail. Not even in the little things. Yesterday, I was stressed and forgot to add vinegar while dyeing the eggs. And I blame myself all the time and feel like the stinkiest h…”
This was written to me by a man I am not yet able to permanent help. So far I have helped him for 10 days. Before it was for 4 days and before that I was glad that at least he experienced the course more pleasantly than if he had been alone. And all this despite the fact that he has been going to psychotherapy for yearsthe last one lasted 66 days, he takes drugs prescribed by psychiatrists and has probably tried them all.

And maybe just clarifying that he he has the right to live and make mistakes, he will help him even for 20 days.

And notice otherwise: How many men let eggs be dyed? When it’s also certain that he won’t be at home, not even with his daughters, at the time of the spree. So, paradoxically, that this man does way more than the call of duty, making him an easy target for anyone who wants to h…. make.
And yet this very man should do the exact opposite: “Notice how wonderful a dad I am.” Who dyes eggs with his daughters. While normally this act is reserved only for women. Why don’t daughters do it with their mother? Because every woman has the right to equality. But in this one thing the equality of the mother with the father makes absolute chaos for the children. When dad gets to dye the eggs, it’s next for the wife to whip her man to make him young and fertile. Which is the real reason she’s a slob.

I have the right to live my life the way I want

With the exception of course I must not commit a crime. And if I do nothing, what would HAD TO hurt other people, so I have the right and even the duty to take care of your own satisfaction. Because if I’m unhappy, I will be transfer your dissatisfaction to others. And when I am satisfied or even happy, I will transfer that to others.
And so I want to live in a world where we are all at least happy. Because the second option leads to perhaps such consequences.

But what if I do something that MIGHT hurt someone?

Maybe me in that case I must not say anything to my mother that would make her feel bad. So I have to convince her that she is right that no one likes her. In particular, her only child left to her does not like her. Although I take care of her, I saved her life when I decided to go back to my almost native house. Because if I didn’t, Mother would just quietly fall asleep after giving herself a subdural hemorrhage. Whereas when I was there, I took her to a doctor who only gave her headache medicine. Because none of us knew anything about her fall or something that caused a blood vessel in the brain to burst. And when the pain didn’t stop even the next day and she was getting more and more sleepy, this time the district doctor sent us to the hospital. And mom immediately went to surgery. Who saved her life. But despite all that, I’m the one who doesn’t like her.

If I had her he really liked, according to her ideas, so I would have to tell her that everyone left her. Although he has a neighbor with whom he hangs out and another, with whom less. But that must not be said to her, if nothing could be said to her that might hurt her. He has a lot of girlfriends on the phone, but when he eats her depression takes over, everything must be bad. And anyone who says otherwise doesn’t like her. So should I lie to her just to keep her depression happy? And if the depression is satisfied, will the mother even survive?

And this experience helps me now. Because every time I felt like everyone was against me, I looked at my mom and said to myself: Do I also want to serve my depression? Or do I want to live contentedly? Because you cannot serve two masters. You always have to decide on one. My mom decided she wanted to serve depression. I do not. And because of this, I know that depression can be cured. Even without medication. When that person decides to serve themselves rather than depression.

And for the same reason, depression is intractable. When you choose a master other than yourself.

And the most important thing is: I have the right to live. How do I decide?

And bear the consequences for your decision. Because if I don’t, I can immediately open the door to anyone who wants to rule me and say: Enter and rule me. I will not defy you. And on the contrary, I am ready to die for you. Or to execute anyone in your name who would defy you. Because you are my master. And I dedicate everything to you.

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