Life without children vs. life with 38 children. Meet two women with completely different lifestyles. Which one is happier?


Two women who live completely different lives. One enjoys life without motherly duties, loves shopping and takes care of dogs instead of children. The latter is the most fertile woman in the world, she gave birth to 44 children, six of whom died.

Stephanie Noble Yippee a young attractive woman who had been addicted to alcohol for several years. She won over addiction and today she motivates others on social networks that it is never too late to stop drinking. In addition to motivational videos, she recently filmed one, in which she mentions the stigma she experiences on a daily basis.


She says people keep asking her why she doesn’t have children anymore. The answer “because I don’t want to” will not satisfy many of them. “Motherhood is called every woman’s mission, but I don’t feel that way,” Stephanie admitted. So what is her priority?

Confidently and with a good dose of humor, she explained in the video that it’s manicures, shopping and pretty makeup. She boasted about branded pieces and the fact that she likes to invest money in travel, which she loves. And above all, she likes to sleep, which, as she herself said, the children would definitely not allow her.

The video has been viewed by over 3 million people on TikTok alone, apparently mostly women. Some of them condemned Stefania for selfishness, others identified with her. “I’m 63 and childless by choice. And guess what? It’s been a fantastic life,” read one of the comments. Stephanie doesn’t care about critical comments and invests her love in two four-legged companions.

It Mariam Nabatanzi he has completely different worries. At the age of 43, she is the mother of 38 children. However, she also holds the title of the most fertile mother in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Born in Uganda, she married a much older man as a teenager, who abused her mentally and physically. The girl was also abused by her stepmother, who, as a child, gave her, among other things, glass shards in her food…

During her lifetime, twins, triplets and quadruplets were born to her. Mariam suffers from hyperovulation – a rare genetic disease that causes her to produce more eggs than normal in each ovulation cycle. This results in frequent multiple births. Since Mariam did not have the option of any contraception due to living in poor Uganda, she gradually became a mother 16 daughters and 22 sons. Six other children died at birth. She was pregnant a total of fifteen times.

In 2016, this well-deserved mother stated that after her last birth, the doctor performed a hysterectomy, i.e. removal of the uterus. Her biggest current priority is not what to do with herself, but what to do with her numerous offspring. “What I wish most is that we have something to eat, so that the younger children can go to school and the older ones can help with the household”, she confided her greatest wish to Mariam, who works in a slum to support her large family, where she earns extra money by doing odd jobs.

We don’t know which of the two women is happier. Maybe they are both happy, although each in a different way. Without children, with them…

First twins and now triplets! And the belly

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