Air conditioning is now mandatory in April. Those who do not turn it on risk a fine


Fogged windows in the car are a problem that thousands of Czech drivers encounter on a daily basis. And the spring months are typical for fogging windows. It is nice and warm during the day, but the nights are still cold and the mornings sometimes “offer” temperatures close to zero. At the same time, there are many factors that cause fogging of windows in cars. If you manage to eliminate them, you won’t have to fight so much with opaque windows. But even then, you won’t get rid of the problem definitively.

But there is a way to quickly fight the annoying moisture on the windows in the morning before leaving for work. Unexpectedly, the main role in this case is played by air conditioning. Yes, just the AC button, which you appreciate on the contrary in the summer heat, when you need to cool the interior of your car and make your journey more pleasant.

Air conditioning in the car since 1939

Air conditioning was invented at the beginning of the last century by the engineer Willis Carrier. It was this American who installed the first air conditioning system in one of the New York printers in 1902, which was troubled by slow drying of colors and wrinkling of paper due to high temperatures and air humidity. Engineer Carrier’s air conditioning was able to solve their problems. It worked on a simple principle where air was forced around pipes with cold water. As a result, water vapor condenses on these pipes, which subsequently cools the surrounding air.

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However, the first air conditioners for cars came to the market much later, in 1939. The first cars that were serially equipped with them were Packard brands. But since their sales with the given air conditioner did not go well for the car manufacturer, the air conditioner was withdrawn from the cars. A real boom with air conditioners was achieved only with Chrysler cars. Specifically, the Imperial model was the pioneer that took care of massive customer interest. But only since 1953.

With us only from Felicia 41 years later

On the Czech scene, a domestic car could boast air conditioning only in 1962. It was the iconic Tatra 603, which historically is most often associated with prominent government officials of the time. However, the 603 with air conditioning was not an ordinary car at all. It was a special made for Fidel Castro. Collectively, air conditioning within Czech production made its way up to the Škoda Felicia, starting in 1994. A hell of a long time since the 1953 Chryslers, right? More than 40 years, which accurately illustrates the development of automobiles in the communist era.

Where does the damn fog keep coming from!

But let’s get to the practicality of AC (from English air conditioning) in the sense of demisting the windows. But even before that, it is necessary to understand what happens in our cars in winter and what causes fogging. Moisture inside the car is to blame. It comes from wet carpets, blankets that we have in the car under the dog, but also complete little things from which you would not expect it.

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Typically, these are discarded wet wipes in storage areas, sniffed tissues, unfinished coffee cups and lemonade cans with a little liquid left at the bottom. And then, of course, the wetness and snow that we bring to the car on shoes, jackets and pants. All of these issues are reliably to blame for window fogging.

But moisture can also get into the car from the outside. This is ideally taken care of by various leaks around the door, for example in the form of cracked or torn seals around the windows as such, but also in the area of ​​the door or skylights. All the more, it is good to have these areas under control and replace any defective seals with new ones.

But otherwise, water can get into the cabin of cars and from the engine compartment. It often lingers there in clogged drains. These need to be cleaned from time to time because they become clogged with leaves and other debris. And it is precisely in them that moisture is held wonderfully and subsequently released towards the interior.

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Demister properly or don’t drive

There is a really long list of sources of moisture in the cabin. And because of them, we get upset every morning when we have to spend time before leaving for work or for our hobbies, making the windows of our cars transparent. And properly so. Because driving a car from which we can only see through small windows wiped with a cloth or tissue is definitely not safe. And we also strongly warn you against it. After all, a moment of time before we manage to demist the windows is worth it for a safe drive where we do not endanger ourselves or others.

Anyone who drives off with a fogged-up window risks a fine. Drivers have a number of their proven recipes for defogging windows. They open the car windows wide open, wave a jacket or blanket inside the car, play with different temperatures of blowing air on the windows, etc. All the while cursing, ranting and lamenting how annoying fogged windows are to them. Of course especially in the winter and generally cold months, ventilation usually does not help.

Air conditioning in the main role against defogging

A far more effective solution is to turn on the air conditioning and point the vents at the windows. In a few minutes, the fog will disappear from the windows. Of course, if the car is equipped with heated windows, then it is worth turning them on. Even heating with defogging will help. However, the dry air from the air conditioner will do the most work at the given moment. But it’s not definitive either.

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As I mentioned before, moisture is caused by specific causes inside the car that need to be eliminated. So replace cloth floor mats with rubber ones for the winter, plus remove all other sources of moisture from your car.

Air conditioning service is essential

And what you must not forget is the care of the air conditioner itself. It does not work in cars for ages without maintenance. It needs to be cleaned from time to time, ideally disinfected, and the cooling medium must be topped up. And don’t forget to change its filter either. It is this dirty filter that can retain moisture, which can significantly contribute to the fogging of your windows.

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