Today is the National Day without rush: theaters, sports competitions and the Old Town Astronomical Clock will be delayed


Companies, football matches, cultural and educational institutions, individuals and the Prague Astronomical Clock will be delayed.

Have you ever had enough? Rushing to work, from work, shopping, falling asleep quickly, waking up early and stepping on it on the roads. For many of us, green on the traffic light has become a challenge, orange a warning and red an obstacle. Decisions behind the wheel are calculated in seconds, and we often forget what is really important. For safety, for moments that can change everything, for lives. Sometimes you might arrive 13 minutes late, but if you step on it, your loved ones can wait much longer!

Why exactly 13 MINUTES?

The National Day without Rush initiative, with the aim of drawing attention to the dangers of unnecessary haste behind the wheel and excessive speed, follows on from the successful 13 MINUTES projectwhich was created by the Czech Insurance Association. The name 13 MINUTES refers to the average time a driver saves on the journey from Prague to Brno if he exceeds the speed limit by 20 kilometers per hour*. The intention was to point out the absurd profit-risk imbalance of this time transaction and to question whether the 13 minutes saved is worth a human life.

What is the documentary 13 MINUTES about?

The documentary was directed by Vít Klusák. He decided to change the subject and conceived issue through the eyes of the perpetrators as victims. A bold and suggestive look into the lives of ordinary drivers who became criminals in a second, it was both a probe and a mirror of the fast-paced society in which each a potential culprit. The unconventional perspective, strong testimonies, but also high production value caused the film to be broadcast in prime-time on the first channel of Czech Television and included in the broadcast by the HBO streaming service. You can see the individual stories of the culprits here:

The documentary 13 MINUT has already been viewed by over 1.5 million viewers and is among the best global campaigns of 2022. The 13 MINUT project won silver in the PR campaign category in Cannes, France.

National No Rush Day

The initiative aims to remind us all of the importance of being aware of the value of time and the responsibility we carry when driving on our roads. From police accident statistics in the years 2011–2023 and from research carried out in March 2021 by the company Behavio on a representative sample of the population of the Czech Republic, admits 9 out of 10 drivers break the speed limit.

  • 43 percent of drivers rush because they are running late.
  • 33 percent of fatal accidents are caused by excessive speed.
  • ⅓ of fatal accidents are caused by young drivers.
  • Last year, excessive speed on Czech roads was the cause of death of 138 people.

Photo: A still from Víto Klusák’s documentary film 13 MINUTES

A still from Víto Klusák’s documentary film 13 MINUTES

Accept the challenge = slow down!

In addition to Czech Television, the media support of the project has also been promised by Evropa 2, Frekvense 1 and Bonton, who will move the broadcast time of selected programs. Cultural institutions such as the Cirk La Putyka theater, Aerofilms, JATKA 78 or the National Theater will also be involved, which will delay its ballet performance called bpm on April 3, 2024. The game deals with the pace and beat of the human heart.

VŠKK, part of VŠE and FSE UJEP will also participate. Some companies, such as BMW, MOL, DPD, Rekola, Vodafone,, Poetiko, iRobot or Intersnack, also warn about unnecessary haste in their communications. For example, MOL will have a special MOL MOVE event as part of the cooperation program, motivating drivers to safely stop and rest at gas stations to avoid dangerous driving.

Insurance companies NN Životní pojišťovna, Allianz and Generali Česká pojišťovna will also join. The project will also support components of the integrated rescue system, including the Police of the Czech Republic.

By symbolically delaying cultural, sporting or educational events, people will gain a little more time on this particular day to not only catch up with them, but to realize that the few minutes he tries to catch up behind the wheel is not worth the risk.

Tip: On National Day Without Rush, which fell on April 3 this year, not only selected sports or cultural matches will be delayed, but time will also stop at 10 a.m. at the Prague Astronomical Clock.

How the challenge is going

We have learned to perceive being in the press as a normal state. We blur the lines between what is a really serious situation and fail to realize that missing even 13 minutes of football is not a matter of life and death. By symbolically delaying cultural, sporting or educational events, people will gain a little more time on this particular day to not only catch up, but to realize that the few minutes they are trying to catch up behind the wheel are not worth the risk. However, anyone can join the project, for example by sharing a manifesto or video on social networks. Get involved and slow down. You won’t get away with anything today!

The slowdown doesn’t have to be just one day a year. It could be the start of a new way to approach everyday journeys. May the one who waits for you wait!

Let’s slow down before it’s really too late!

*In the ČAP survey, almost half of the respondents admitted that the reason they exceed the speed limit is in a hurry.

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