5 tips for goods from China: Electric bicycle accessories


We are here with more tips on interesting goods from China’s AliExpress. The Saharan sand is finally falling to the ground and it will clear up at the same time, so the cycling season can start properly. For this case, today we have selected cyclo-electric accessories that you can equip your bicycle with.

European warehouses, tax and duty

The sales portal AliExpress has already started to use direct taxation across the European Economic Area. Under the price of the goods, you can see the sentence “Price includes VAT”, or confirmation that the value already includes tax. But keep in mind that goods with a value of over 150 euros are also subject to customs duties.

Handlebar extension (bar) with Uchoose power bank

Since we’re focusing on bike electronics in this issue, we’ll start with one cool gadget that can provide not only mounting space, but also power for other devices. Have you seen a handlebar “extension” with a built-in power bank?

Price: 230 CZK

Electric compressor

Sure, a pump is a pump. Fast, light, compact and reliable. However, if you would still like to use electronics in the area of ​​inflating tires and save some effort in the process, here is one option for a few hundred. There are several variants of charging cables to choose from.

Price: 400 CZK

Peaches LED front light

It is not part of the mandatory basic equipment, but everyone should have it on their bike at least in low light conditions. Are you currently missing a front light on your bicycle? Check out the wide range of several models from the Peaches brand.

Price: from 240 CZK

Rear light “tail”

You don’t always have to have a rear light either, but it is perhaps even more important on a bike than the front. Mainly to fulfill the rule “to be seen”. At the same time, even just a light “tail” under the seat will be of great use. If you are comfortable with a minimalistic solution, don’t hesitate.

Price: 170 CZK

Electric bell

So simple and so effective. That is, if you are not trying to get around pedestrians with headphones on, for example. This model offers four different melodies and is charged via a microUSB socket.

This Xiaomi shaver doesn’t cost much, it fits in your pocket and you charge it from a power bank!

Adam Kurfürst

Price: 160 CZK


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Other attractions with a price of up to 300 CZK

A selection of other products that cost a few crowns. Even so, they could make your life easier or more pleasant, so take a look at them.

Product Price
USB-C 100W 3m cable Essager 210 TOC
Selfie stick with lighting 140 CZK
Asometech 60W charger 300 CZK
TV controller with keyboard 300 TOC
Children’s bicycle bell “Ladybug” 110 CZK
50 cable ties 110 CZK
Holder for game controller under the table 100 CZK

Send us your tips!

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What other electric bike accessories do you have?

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